March 30, 2005

Our house, in the middle of our street

Have had quite a few visitors this weekend, including Sass's Sisters, muggle and my other sister, Jenni and Lee, Sekhmut and Hivemind, Rachel and Alan, Matt and Debz, Zeph and Emba, AW and her daughter.

I tidied the house before the visitors came, (which they may not have noticed) and I was thinking it would all be unnoticed and unappreciated, but then Sass came home and was all loud and gleeful of the tidying. It definitely made me feel better about doing it.

Muggle had done most of the kitchen organising and she deserves tidiness props too! You go Muggle! Also Svendle deserves much props for helping (ok he did most of it ) transport furniture from Emba's generous household to mine. Altho, he already has the reward of really darling little cupboards! Thanks Emba for the furniture. It is so good. We now have an "army of shoes" lined up by the front door.

I got some presents late (as per usual) this year including the awesomest "birthday suit". I need many pairs so that I may always have a useable pair. How often do you find a tracksuit with your birthday printed on it in satin-y material? Not very often! So, when it even looks pretty good on you, you need to own more than one! I also got my "traditional" 1kg of mini-chocolate eggs from Bean. I have many eggs now! Many... esp when I consider the stupid amount that I bought for myself!

Stayed over at Matt and Debz' on Monday night with Beau. We had delicious food and cocktails and eye-toy madness! He is on placement at a GPs on the coast and D&M have kindly consented to letting him stay with them. Yay for them. Even tho it doesn't really mean that I will be seeing him less, I feel like I am already. I'm going to miss him so much when he goes overseas :~~

I'll be heading off to Jenni's soon as loveLee has said he'll put some stuff on disk for me and also that he'll give me a cord so that my computer will finally be on the internet! Phew! I'm hoping I get Sims University too! It sounds cool! Plus will encourage Beau to visit more :)

Also thanks for the birthday comments. I'll say again that I had an awesome time and I think most people there did too. Sweet!

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March 25, 2005

Oh Happy Day, My Day!

Yay! I needn't have worried about my party, it was pretty damned awesome. People arrived and some even gave me amazing presents! So good! Thank-you to all those who came, you made the night for me with your presence.

I was really nervous about singing, but I was reassured by several people that they already knew I was good, and also, so what if I wasn't so good on the night, everyone there already loves me and thinks I am fabulous! As it was I have been told that I was very good! Zephfi gave me my favourite compliment by saying that my singing was like "liquid chocolate". Which we should all know is delicious. My Dad used his digital camera to make a little movie of me performing and he's put it on CD. If I can figure out how, I'll try and get it online so that people who weren't there can judge for themselves. I haven't seen it yet and hopefully, in the cold light of day and poor quality of recording I still soud good. Dad says that you can't see much tho because it was pretty dark.

Other things that made me happy was that I felt really beautiful last night. Going to see Grishma and getting my legs and eyebrows done and giving myself a face mask on Tuesday were good. Also the exercise that I've done in the month leading up the Birthday made me feel good and that I looked good. Also having a shower and washing and blow-drying my hair made me feel good. Also going to the BodyShop and getting a new foundation and loose powder with applicating brushes made me feel good. I'm really happy I decided to pay the extra money and get the powder and the brushes. It was worth it and also I like the matte look that you get with powder. Sass's dress combined with my hair made me feel diva-beautiful and other people told me I looked great too.

I had such a good time, I felt like I was smiling all night (except I realise that smile was pretty nervous looking in the 20min leading to the song).

I don't really no idea what else to write as all I can do is gush about how great a time I had and how happy it made me.

Please comment, either saying somehting that you remembered and enjoyed from the night, or how sad you are you couldn't go ;)

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March 23, 2005

Giffy the Grouch!

Grr, am in a bad mood for several reasons.

Prime reason (I think), my house is a big mess. My room is a tip and I have put hardly any clothes away as am still trying to air out my wardrobe and I need another chest of drawers. I think I need a book shelf too.

Fog in the morning makes driving an extreme sport and I don't like it.

At interval I was telling some girls off for sitting on top of the lockers and was waiting for them to get down when I turned around and there was a girl right next to me using her cellphone and they aren't allowed to so I confiscated it. She then had a HUGE sulk at me 'cause it wasn't her phone. I also confiscated the bracelet she was wearing.

I don't like being mean, but I do like doing my job. It annoys me just how much she was complaining about it, 'cause to me that implies that she has gotten away with it before, which means other teachers aren't doing their job. I am also apparently very good at spotting gum being chewed. Again implies to me that other teachers are letting it slide. These other slack teachers are making me appear mean, when if they all did it (like we're supposed to) then it would just be normal and kids maybe wouldn't break the rules so often.

Farmers still hasn't delivered our fridge. Which is an outrage as they said on Sunday that it should be delivered by Monday and they even charged me a $40 delivery fee!!! ARGH!!

Our washing machine is broken, all it does is beep annoyingly. Which means I have to fork out more money for a new one (it isn't worth it getting it repaired). I won't be going to Farmers!

I'm a bit scared that there won't be many people at my party or that people won't stay the whole time and that the place will be all empty and sad and that when I sing I'll be bad.

I don't like my hair but don't think I have the time to get it done before my party.

I have a science meeting afterschool which means I probably won't get to go the the "gym". Or get to practise my song.

I texted a bunch of people my address and new phone number and I'm pretty sure I gave them the wrong number!

In order to show that I am not completely grumpy and sad here are some things that I have enjoyed today.

I weighed myself this morning and I was back down to the same weight as on Monday Yay!

Muggle wrote a funny message for Sass and I about the table the Svend is lending us. She also wrote that the dinner I made looks delicious.

I went and got my eyebrows and legs done yesterday and also did a facial and I look all fresh and smooth today.

I and another woman in the same department realised that we are both wearing orange tops.

I introduced my Y9s to the joy of the "pop" test! How they jumped when I did the demo. They then had lots of fun doing it themselves. Tomorrow is Dry Ice Day!

Sass has made me tea in the morning for the last two mornings.

Instead of going to the gym I might walk to visit a friend and see if she'll let me practise singing with her piano.

Sass is cooking tonight. I better text her to see what she wants to eat.

Toni emailed me and said that she's giving me plants for my birthday! Yay!

I brought more winegums and toothpicks to school so that my Y12 can practise figuring out the shapes of molecules. I did it yesterday too and it was fun.

People have been commenting on my blog :)

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March 22, 2005


I am loving all the comments! Yay you guys!

The weight loss was definitely not permanent. I was probably horrifically dehdrated over the weekend or something, oh well. On the plus side, I look so pretty in Sass's "old" ballresses, so I'm not sad. I'm going to get my eyebrows and legs done tonight so that will make me feel pretty too.

I did "reflection" for the first time at school on Monday. It's sort of like a morning prayer, but it doesn't have to be religious. My voice shook like a wobbly thing and I'm worried about singing my song. It might happen again and I'll sound terrible! I hate getting nerves. That's why dancing is easier for me than singing, no-one can tell that your voice is shaking. It's funny because I have no problem speaking or even singing for my students, but when I was faced with an audience of my "peers" I freaked out. I feel a huge desire to practise my song again and again now!

Our house is still a big mess, but I'm pretty sure I have managed to "de-stink" my wardrobe. Hurrah! But I've also realised I need more furniture. I want a "scotch chest" really badly. I have much personal stuff to unpack but it is mostly in my room so it's out of the way at least.

I was thinking that on "cool peoples tuesday" I'll have people to come hang over at my house with me. I'm talking about Easter Tuesday, when I don't have to work. But, it might be better to allow people to come over on Monday so that hardworking diligent people can come see the house too. Must ponder, must also discuss with flatmates.

Touch and Volleyball season is over so no more watching teams 'til next term. We organised a staff volleyball team to play the senior team last week and we beat them! I even managed to serve! It was awesome.

Even 'tho the kids have now finished sports for a while, I mustn't give up. While the weight doesn't seem to be shifting, my body is changing. Sit ups are much easier and I managed to do a prone hold (where you are sort of lying, but only your forearms and the balls of your feet are on the ground and the rest of your body is straight) for over 30secs! Sooo good! I'll be ready for press-ups soon!

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March 21, 2005

It's madness! MADNESS I SAY!

Well, this weekend I drove between Island Bay and Newlands at least 4 times, Between Karori and Newlands probably another 4. I also drove into the Hutt twice and hopped over the hill to Johnsonville 2 times as well. Most of the stuff has been moved and a fridge has been purchased (thank goodness)! Beau also bought me new pillows because the ones that had been in storage hadn't held up so well. Plus they'd been kinda old and yuck to start with.

Sass had a surprisingly large amount of stuff to move, but as she said, that is 25 years worth of stuff. So fair enough. I still have a bunch of stuff in storage at my parents and now that muggle and I have a house of our own, I'm pretty sure they're going to want me to get rid of that.

I have a funny smell in my wardrobe. I've wiped down all the walls and sprinkled the ground with baking soda. I think it's helping. I'm going to get some deoderising stuff and probably also some shake and vac after school. I daren't put clothes in it until I am happy with the smell as I don't want them to absorb the stink.

Other things I need to buy is a scrubbing brush and a drying rack. Not for the wardrobe, for the kitchen. Although we probably could do with a scrubbing brush for general cleaning anyway. We'll probably do a flat shop tonight for food etc. We don't have alot.

Bigger things we need are plates and cutlery. We do not need glasses or mugs. We have lots and lots of those. We also have quite a large set of cut wine-glasses! I'm thinking that we could have a dinner party... once we get some dining chairs. Svend is lending us his big table, but it might end up being easier to buy a table and chairs together. Must ponder. We could also do with more bookshelves. Not uncommon amongst the people that I know.

Our house is currently a huge mess of empty, half empty and still un-opened boxes.

In exciting things. Sass has said she will permanently loan me the ball dresses that are currently too large for her but currently fit me nicely! Yay! I'll wear one for my birthday party and look fabulicious. Also, the sheer stress and lack of proper eating this weekend meant that I reached my target weight! I don't know if it'll last, but it's kind of exciting. If it does last this week I shall be shopping over easter. But not too much, because how will I afford it?

Also, I no longer need a toaster. Muggle bought one 1/2 price at Briscoes. I also don't really need a medium sized chopping board anymore. Beau's parents + sister gave me a knife block with knives, scissors, a chopping board and a bunch of other utensils, they also gave me a bottle of dishwasher powder. It is an awesome present ... Oh, just realised I better give them something back so that the knives don't sever our relationship.

Better go check that everything is sorted for the Y11 test now.

Please comment. I love it.

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March 17, 2005

You are invited to celebrate my birth

I've booked the whole bar so pretty much anyone reading this is welcome.

On Holy Thursday (thursday 24th March) at Monkey Bar (underneath Zibibo's, basically opposite Santa Fe). I will be hosting a function to celebrate my birth.

There will be food and drink for you to buy and enjoy, including the items on the Mercury cocktail menu! Mm-mm Liquid Mars Bar.

But! Don't buy me any milky drinks as from 9-11 I have arranged for the awesome jazzband, the wellington heads to play and I have been practising a song to sing with them. Only one, don't be afraid!

I'm going to try to be there from about 5.30 until midnight when it will actually be my birthday.

So, please come and celebrate with me. Your presence is a great present!

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150 - countdown

Well I'm not too clear what exactly I'm counting down to.

It could be that this Saturday Muggle and I are moving into our house. I thought I might try and move some stuff over tomorrow. Including some of Sass's stuff. It'll be weird tho 'cause I get the feeling that Sass's parents will want to come over and inspect the place too!

I went to my house yesterday and opened all the windows after Muggle had set off the bug bomb some hours earlier. The gagging! I also spotted a few dead spiders too. A workmate came over to have a look at the same time. He is in the midst of renovating a home in Petone and he critically looked around. I was saying, "yeah, we have to fix this, or plaster that". He said "You know what I'd do? I'd live in it". That was kinda nice. He said all the closet space we had was like gold! It was nice having the "first visitor" to our houes be so positive.

I could also be counting down to my birthday. Next Thursday. People have been saying they want idea's of things I would like. I'll just post here as I am to slack to bother with anything else.

- New towels and bed linen (Queen)
- The Peggy Lee Songbook
- A table cloth
- a middle sized wooden chopping board
- a toaster
- wooden furniture, table, bookshelves (I realise this is really dreaming, but second hand!)
- stockings and suspenders to go with
- those other suspenders, the kind that hold up pants. They are cool!
- Track pants (the exercise I'm doing is hard on the ones I've got)(14/L)
- socks, long and patterned or anklets for exercising it.
- some kind of mat that I could do stretches on (eg Yoga type mat).
- exercise videos (I find them fun, but thesame one can get tired after a while)
- Azumanga Daiogh Manga, or Anime
- other cool anime
- a new satchel for school stuff to get lugged around in
- a jacket that is casual enough to wear everywhere, but formal enough to wear to school. (I saw nice blazers in the Easybuy catalogue and I wants them!)
- New Tops for winter! (mm-mm merino wool!)
- a Polyprop from Kathmandu (I had one, but it got lost in that missing load of laundry).
- A haircut!! ( I once got vouchers for someone).
- Plants for our new house and instructions/help on planting and caring for them.
- A "mobile" phone for the house.
- Magnetic poetry for our as yet imaginery fridge.
- Chocolate, but not the weird no "label" easter eggs (I'm fussy like that).
- Thunderwear Swimsuit with bikini tank top. (L pants, M top)
- Deliciousness from the Honey Hive. I could do with a bottle of Bees Knees!
- something great and from the heart!

This evening I had a practise with a few of the band members and it sounds pretty awesome, so it's all set for my party.

I'll do a party invite post now.

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March 15, 2005

Today I will have a house

I'm kinda quietly freaking out about it. It is almost all I can think about. I have also had the stress on my Y12s doing an internal today! Gah!

Last night my Uncle called me to see if I wanted to practise with the band. I do! It's on Thursday night tho. Oh well, no library for me for the next two weeks. I need to get someone else to cover me, but it shouldn't be too hard.

The lawyer called this morning saying that there was still another $2300 that we had to pay. WTF?? We gave him a whole lot yesterday and now there was more! Luckily Muggle had it and was able to go and give it to him too. I'm hoping to go and pick the keys up after school.


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March 14, 2005

The weekend that was

Friday: Went to school, tried to run outside again, watched volleyball team lose, went to Svend's party. Walked back and forth from Svend's several times. Didn't see Zeph :(. Did see many others :)! Had talks, made potato salad, shared kransky with others.

Sat: Had Yum-char. Delicious. Spent many futile hours trying to organise going to see house with Sass before going to bowling. Watched goldfish. Finally found out wouldn't be able to go. Sass not inclined to go out without a sure possibility of seeing the inside of the house. Realised that while I did want to go bowl, I had to prepare 4 classes of relief before Monday and there was no way I was going to on Sunday, so drove to the Hutt and sorted that out. Wanted Burger Wisconsin for dinner but had pasta instead.

Sun: Got up too early to go walking in the Putangirua Pinnacles Scenic Reserve. Once again a whole bunch of people attended including my Mum and littlest Sister (she is slacker than me and muggle so I was more than a little shocked). The landscape was pretty fabulous and the weather definitely was! We got abit confused when the path split and thought most people had gone one way. one person had and we caught up to then, but we thought if we kept going we'd meet the others. This was pretty fun and exciting CLIMBING up the hillside. But we met a dead-end and had to back track all the way back. Saw the others back down there, the same thing had happened to them. Realised we'd missed the proper path a while back. I had to go back and got a ride with G&K. Got to stop in Martinborough and see the thunderwear store! Tried on swimming togs. Must buy them when I am lighter and richer! Can get them online which is good. Got back to Wgtn and signed life away at the lawyers.

Mon: Got to sleep in as had course in Karori, but earthquake woke me and look knocked out. House stuff drove me crazy today. Some forms were sent to the wrong address and the lawyer didn't have a copy either, then we found them, but they had an error on them! ARGH! Alan, there is a reason we have a mortgage broker/insurance dude. That is to get those details right! Course was over, then went to bank and closed account. Went to Mum's and got Muggle and a big cheque. Went to lawyers and handed it over.

Tomorrow I will be a part-owner in a house. Weird!

We need a fridge.

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March 10, 2005

made me happy

Today, one of my students said that I was like Miss Honey from Matilda. Awww!

Also today, one of my students from last year said that she walked past my class and everyone seemed to be smiling and laughing, she then went into her class and it was pens out, grim faces. She said it made her feel that she was really missing out!

I mustn't be working them hard enough. It's neat being a teacher the kids like, but I keep waiting for the bubble to burst. I hope I am left waiting forever!

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March 09, 2005

I've been thinking about this for a while.

So basically I was talking about my weight to amphigori.

How much I weigh (76), how much it's changed in the past while(from 79), the weight I was at for 6 years (60), the weight I want to definitely get back down to (below 70) and the weight I have to reach before I let myself buy new clothes (75).

For my height, to be "healthy" I should really be between 51 kg (OMG I would be TINY!!!) and 68 kg. From 15-21 I was 60, which is smack in the middle. I went up about 6 kilos the next year, then another 6, then basically another 6. Now those are pretty large jumps over such a time. I blame the hostel food finally catching up to me, then going flatting and getting to choose my own food All The Time! Not all the food I choose is good. Ahhh well. I also stopped doing dancing lessons or much exercise at all. Slacker!

I've meant to get into exercise regimes before and I even joined a gym a couple of years ago, but I was still lazy and not bothered with it most of the time.

Anyhoo I got scales last year and found out how heavy I really was! I also had to buy 2 pairs of size 16 pants last year. (which was a big deal for me after dreamily thinking I was still size 12). Not only that but last summer I went and visited my family in Thailand. They all basically said to me (when they met me after 11 years) "Hi giffy, you are fat!". Seriously, I am not kidding.

I should also mention that when I went and visited my rellies in Thailand I found out that not only Mum has type II diabetes. Like 4 of her siblings do too. I am so likely to get it too! However, none of it really sank in until I got the scales and calculated my BMI (which I know can be terrible sometimes!!) and saw that I was officially overweight. huH! So I'm trying to lose weight and it is slowly happening and I am definitely getting fitter. I can go on 9 km/h for 10 consecutive minutes (well I could last night).

So because this stuff is happening I feel like I want to talk about it. My weight. But the truth is that I've always thought about it on and off. When I was 60 I was pretty happy with it. Even at 66 I was happy. But the thing that lots of people don't know is that when I was 60 my mum used to tell me that I could do to lose another 5kg! Pretty harsh. But, that is Thai people for you, they talk about their weight and dieting Alot! So I feel like it is ok for me to talk about my weight and what I'm doing to lose it (mostly just exercising, I cut out chips and fizzy drinks for Lent). I am not obsessing about it, not more than I ever did anyway.

If you don't like me talking about it in RL you can tell me. I can take it.

So, I sure this post has been confused, but I feel better for writing it.

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March 06, 2005


Not feeling very bloggy. Had good Friday. Made good banners. Used them and finally got to see the Volleyball team win! Did some "running" at lunch with students and other teachers. Was given a quiche!

Sat, again used the banners. This time at dragonboating. Seemed like people were having a good time but didn't stay as rushed to Jenni & Lee's party to be supporty. Only fair as have decided not to go to bridal show next sunday. I got to hold a baby which is always good. Beau slept in a bunch, but didn't have energy to be angry. Saw Constantine and had late-night hot chocolate at L&S's . Talked to mundens, muggle and jonno about getting a mage game up and running. Talked to Sass and Muggle about future flat-type things. Wished I could have alone time with Beau.

Sun, today, slept in until a work mate rang asking if I was going into school. I did go in but only for a second, not enough to be of help to them. Have done no exercise so far this weekend. Have eaten many grapes tho. Finished "Jack the Bodiless". It was ok. Now off to eat my quiche.

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March 03, 2005

Soo many books. They are watching me!

It's all quiet in the library, just the way I like it.

The weather got marginally better this afternoon so i ended up playing tennis after all! I actually interspersed it with badminton, so that was fun! However, because I thought it wouldn't be fine I went to the gym at lunchtime and took part in the Aerobics. It's fun, but I don't like the students who aren't participating watching me! Evil! Tomorrow I am going to help with the "running club" by walking with the stragglers. That should be good. Also I want to compare my ability on the treadmill with my ability outside! Probably won't be as good, but still!

On the way home I stopped at Spotlight. I saw sooo many things that I wanted for my house. Little things but I still want them, like, more tea towels, bathmats, more sheets, a knife and block set. I think we need cutting boards too, but I didn't see any. I want a wooden one. They also had TV trays, you know, those trays which have like a little bean-bag underneath. Only $6 each!

I was going there to buy material to make some smallish banners on. I want one for Saturday, DRAGONBOATING FESTIVAL!!! (I also know that I have agreed to meet people for Greek Food and then later on engagement party. I'll need to find out when we race). I actually want one more to drag along to the sports I seem to be supporting. After last Friday I (and the other teachers I dragged along) have had students making sure that we are going to watch Volleyball again. Mad. I also want to take it along to "my" touch games. It kinda makes me sad how the other schools nearly always have more supporters than us, even when it's a "home game"! I talked to another teacher about it and tomorrow when I have a "free" I'll be invading his room with the material. I need to talk to the art teacher about some paint...hmmm.

In order to make them proper banners I'm going to get some bamboo from my parents' and I need to hem the edges tonight to make sleeves for the bamboo. Shouldn't take me too long to do that, but I don't forsee and early night tonight either. Boo!

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Tired but Happy

I'm not getting enough sleep I guess. On the plus side have done a fair amount of exercise. Today I'm supposed to play tennis but the weather looks to bad for that. Might have to try squash or maybe do some gym-type stuff instead.

I had heaps of fun at the Off-the-Wire thing. There was a band first to "get us in the mood"! They were alright, I'd probably have enjoyed them more, but I was right up the front and so was put off by how incredible loud they were.

"Off the wire" was like it is on the radio, pretty funny. The weird stuff tho was the fact that it was pretty scripted. Also they made us practise laughing and then recorded it. Steve Maharey was one of the guests and he was pretty good. I was also more than slightly disturbed by the fact I found him to be good-looking. Weird!! He won, but then he is minister of broadcasting. I wonder if he will read this post. I come up quite high on google. Dad was looking up Off the Wire yesterday and found my post on it.... Anyway.

I was quite surprised by the shortness of Jo Cotton's dress, especially as her mum was in the audience. On the plus side she does have really good legs!

So all in all, I'd definitely go again. It was neat and entertaining and novel to be part of a radio audience. I'm also quite interested to listen to it on the radio and see if they cut out some of the more "risque" comments. (sp?)

In other news, when I got home I helped amphigori pick up certain trademe purchases using the awesome A------n Van. Then I got to tell people who didn't know about engagements! Beau's friend, the magical fish didn't know about ANY of them! Well he knew one, but not others that I thought he would have known. He was pleased for all involved tho.

I'm tired now. Library tonight so I'll probably post again later. Have to think of something interesting to write... Nah, I don't normally ;)

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