March 23, 2005

Giffy the Grouch!

Grr, am in a bad mood for several reasons.

Prime reason (I think), my house is a big mess. My room is a tip and I have put hardly any clothes away as am still trying to air out my wardrobe and I need another chest of drawers. I think I need a book shelf too.

Fog in the morning makes driving an extreme sport and I don't like it.

At interval I was telling some girls off for sitting on top of the lockers and was waiting for them to get down when I turned around and there was a girl right next to me using her cellphone and they aren't allowed to so I confiscated it. She then had a HUGE sulk at me 'cause it wasn't her phone. I also confiscated the bracelet she was wearing.

I don't like being mean, but I do like doing my job. It annoys me just how much she was complaining about it, 'cause to me that implies that she has gotten away with it before, which means other teachers aren't doing their job. I am also apparently very good at spotting gum being chewed. Again implies to me that other teachers are letting it slide. These other slack teachers are making me appear mean, when if they all did it (like we're supposed to) then it would just be normal and kids maybe wouldn't break the rules so often.

Farmers still hasn't delivered our fridge. Which is an outrage as they said on Sunday that it should be delivered by Monday and they even charged me a $40 delivery fee!!! ARGH!!

Our washing machine is broken, all it does is beep annoyingly. Which means I have to fork out more money for a new one (it isn't worth it getting it repaired). I won't be going to Farmers!

I'm a bit scared that there won't be many people at my party or that people won't stay the whole time and that the place will be all empty and sad and that when I sing I'll be bad.

I don't like my hair but don't think I have the time to get it done before my party.

I have a science meeting afterschool which means I probably won't get to go the the "gym". Or get to practise my song.

I texted a bunch of people my address and new phone number and I'm pretty sure I gave them the wrong number!

In order to show that I am not completely grumpy and sad here are some things that I have enjoyed today.

I weighed myself this morning and I was back down to the same weight as on Monday Yay!

Muggle wrote a funny message for Sass and I about the table the Svend is lending us. She also wrote that the dinner I made looks delicious.

I went and got my eyebrows and legs done yesterday and also did a facial and I look all fresh and smooth today.

I and another woman in the same department realised that we are both wearing orange tops.

I introduced my Y9s to the joy of the "pop" test! How they jumped when I did the demo. They then had lots of fun doing it themselves. Tomorrow is Dry Ice Day!

Sass has made me tea in the morning for the last two mornings.

Instead of going to the gym I might walk to visit a friend and see if she'll let me practise singing with her piano.

Sass is cooking tonight. I better text her to see what she wants to eat.

Toni emailed me and said that she's giving me plants for my birthday! Yay!

I brought more winegums and toothpicks to school so that my Y12 can practise figuring out the shapes of molecules. I did it yesterday too and it was fun.

People have been commenting on my blog :)

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