March 22, 2005


I am loving all the comments! Yay you guys!

The weight loss was definitely not permanent. I was probably horrifically dehdrated over the weekend or something, oh well. On the plus side, I look so pretty in Sass's "old" ballresses, so I'm not sad. I'm going to get my eyebrows and legs done tonight so that will make me feel pretty too.

I did "reflection" for the first time at school on Monday. It's sort of like a morning prayer, but it doesn't have to be religious. My voice shook like a wobbly thing and I'm worried about singing my song. It might happen again and I'll sound terrible! I hate getting nerves. That's why dancing is easier for me than singing, no-one can tell that your voice is shaking. It's funny because I have no problem speaking or even singing for my students, but when I was faced with an audience of my "peers" I freaked out. I feel a huge desire to practise my song again and again now!

Our house is still a big mess, but I'm pretty sure I have managed to "de-stink" my wardrobe. Hurrah! But I've also realised I need more furniture. I want a "scotch chest" really badly. I have much personal stuff to unpack but it is mostly in my room so it's out of the way at least.

I was thinking that on "cool peoples tuesday" I'll have people to come hang over at my house with me. I'm talking about Easter Tuesday, when I don't have to work. But, it might be better to allow people to come over on Monday so that hardworking diligent people can come see the house too. Must ponder, must also discuss with flatmates.

Touch and Volleyball season is over so no more watching teams 'til next term. We organised a staff volleyball team to play the senior team last week and we beat them! I even managed to serve! It was awesome.

Even 'tho the kids have now finished sports for a while, I mustn't give up. While the weight doesn't seem to be shifting, my body is changing. Sit ups are much easier and I managed to do a prone hold (where you are sort of lying, but only your forearms and the balls of your feet are on the ground and the rest of your body is straight) for over 30secs! Sooo good! I'll be ready for press-ups soon!

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