March 21, 2005

It's madness! MADNESS I SAY!

Well, this weekend I drove between Island Bay and Newlands at least 4 times, Between Karori and Newlands probably another 4. I also drove into the Hutt twice and hopped over the hill to Johnsonville 2 times as well. Most of the stuff has been moved and a fridge has been purchased (thank goodness)! Beau also bought me new pillows because the ones that had been in storage hadn't held up so well. Plus they'd been kinda old and yuck to start with.

Sass had a surprisingly large amount of stuff to move, but as she said, that is 25 years worth of stuff. So fair enough. I still have a bunch of stuff in storage at my parents and now that muggle and I have a house of our own, I'm pretty sure they're going to want me to get rid of that.

I have a funny smell in my wardrobe. I've wiped down all the walls and sprinkled the ground with baking soda. I think it's helping. I'm going to get some deoderising stuff and probably also some shake and vac after school. I daren't put clothes in it until I am happy with the smell as I don't want them to absorb the stink.

Other things I need to buy is a scrubbing brush and a drying rack. Not for the wardrobe, for the kitchen. Although we probably could do with a scrubbing brush for general cleaning anyway. We'll probably do a flat shop tonight for food etc. We don't have alot.

Bigger things we need are plates and cutlery. We do not need glasses or mugs. We have lots and lots of those. We also have quite a large set of cut wine-glasses! I'm thinking that we could have a dinner party... once we get some dining chairs. Svend is lending us his big table, but it might end up being easier to buy a table and chairs together. Must ponder. We could also do with more bookshelves. Not uncommon amongst the people that I know.

Our house is currently a huge mess of empty, half empty and still un-opened boxes.

In exciting things. Sass has said she will permanently loan me the ball dresses that are currently too large for her but currently fit me nicely! Yay! I'll wear one for my birthday party and look fabulicious. Also, the sheer stress and lack of proper eating this weekend meant that I reached my target weight! I don't know if it'll last, but it's kind of exciting. If it does last this week I shall be shopping over easter. But not too much, because how will I afford it?

Also, I no longer need a toaster. Muggle bought one 1/2 price at Briscoes. I also don't really need a medium sized chopping board anymore. Beau's parents + sister gave me a knife block with knives, scissors, a chopping board and a bunch of other utensils, they also gave me a bottle of dishwasher powder. It is an awesome present ... Oh, just realised I better give them something back so that the knives don't sever our relationship.

Better go check that everything is sorted for the Y11 test now.

Please comment. I love it.

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