March 06, 2005


Not feeling very bloggy. Had good Friday. Made good banners. Used them and finally got to see the Volleyball team win! Did some "running" at lunch with students and other teachers. Was given a quiche!

Sat, again used the banners. This time at dragonboating. Seemed like people were having a good time but didn't stay as rushed to Jenni & Lee's party to be supporty. Only fair as have decided not to go to bridal show next sunday. I got to hold a baby which is always good. Beau slept in a bunch, but didn't have energy to be angry. Saw Constantine and had late-night hot chocolate at L&S's . Talked to mundens, muggle and jonno about getting a mage game up and running. Talked to Sass and Muggle about future flat-type things. Wished I could have alone time with Beau.

Sun, today, slept in until a work mate rang asking if I was going into school. I did go in but only for a second, not enough to be of help to them. Have done no exercise so far this weekend. Have eaten many grapes tho. Finished "Jack the Bodiless". It was ok. Now off to eat my quiche.

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