March 17, 2005

150 - countdown

Well I'm not too clear what exactly I'm counting down to.

It could be that this Saturday Muggle and I are moving into our house. I thought I might try and move some stuff over tomorrow. Including some of Sass's stuff. It'll be weird tho 'cause I get the feeling that Sass's parents will want to come over and inspect the place too!

I went to my house yesterday and opened all the windows after Muggle had set off the bug bomb some hours earlier. The gagging! I also spotted a few dead spiders too. A workmate came over to have a look at the same time. He is in the midst of renovating a home in Petone and he critically looked around. I was saying, "yeah, we have to fix this, or plaster that". He said "You know what I'd do? I'd live in it". That was kinda nice. He said all the closet space we had was like gold! It was nice having the "first visitor" to our houes be so positive.

I could also be counting down to my birthday. Next Thursday. People have been saying they want idea's of things I would like. I'll just post here as I am to slack to bother with anything else.

- New towels and bed linen (Queen)
- The Peggy Lee Songbook
- A table cloth
- a middle sized wooden chopping board
- a toaster
- wooden furniture, table, bookshelves (I realise this is really dreaming, but second hand!)
- stockings and suspenders to go with
- those other suspenders, the kind that hold up pants. They are cool!
- Track pants (the exercise I'm doing is hard on the ones I've got)(14/L)
- socks, long and patterned or anklets for exercising it.
- some kind of mat that I could do stretches on (eg Yoga type mat).
- exercise videos (I find them fun, but thesame one can get tired after a while)
- Azumanga Daiogh Manga, or Anime
- other cool anime
- a new satchel for school stuff to get lugged around in
- a jacket that is casual enough to wear everywhere, but formal enough to wear to school. (I saw nice blazers in the Easybuy catalogue and I wants them!)
- New Tops for winter! (mm-mm merino wool!)
- a Polyprop from Kathmandu (I had one, but it got lost in that missing load of laundry).
- A haircut!! ( I once got vouchers for someone).
- Plants for our new house and instructions/help on planting and caring for them.
- A "mobile" phone for the house.
- Magnetic poetry for our as yet imaginery fridge.
- Chocolate, but not the weird no "label" easter eggs (I'm fussy like that).
- Thunderwear Swimsuit with bikini tank top. (L pants, M top)
- Deliciousness from the Honey Hive. I could do with a bottle of Bees Knees!
- something great and from the heart!

This evening I had a practise with a few of the band members and it sounds pretty awesome, so it's all set for my party.

I'll do a party invite post now.

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