March 14, 2005

The weekend that was

Friday: Went to school, tried to run outside again, watched volleyball team lose, went to Svend's party. Walked back and forth from Svend's several times. Didn't see Zeph :(. Did see many others :)! Had talks, made potato salad, shared kransky with others.

Sat: Had Yum-char. Delicious. Spent many futile hours trying to organise going to see house with Sass before going to bowling. Watched goldfish. Finally found out wouldn't be able to go. Sass not inclined to go out without a sure possibility of seeing the inside of the house. Realised that while I did want to go bowl, I had to prepare 4 classes of relief before Monday and there was no way I was going to on Sunday, so drove to the Hutt and sorted that out. Wanted Burger Wisconsin for dinner but had pasta instead.

Sun: Got up too early to go walking in the Putangirua Pinnacles Scenic Reserve. Once again a whole bunch of people attended including my Mum and littlest Sister (she is slacker than me and muggle so I was more than a little shocked). The landscape was pretty fabulous and the weather definitely was! We got abit confused when the path split and thought most people had gone one way. one person had and we caught up to then, but we thought if we kept going we'd meet the others. This was pretty fun and exciting CLIMBING up the hillside. But we met a dead-end and had to back track all the way back. Saw the others back down there, the same thing had happened to them. Realised we'd missed the proper path a while back. I had to go back and got a ride with G&K. Got to stop in Martinborough and see the thunderwear store! Tried on swimming togs. Must buy them when I am lighter and richer! Can get them online which is good. Got back to Wgtn and signed life away at the lawyers.

Mon: Got to sleep in as had course in Karori, but earthquake woke me and look knocked out. House stuff drove me crazy today. Some forms were sent to the wrong address and the lawyer didn't have a copy either, then we found them, but they had an error on them! ARGH! Alan, there is a reason we have a mortgage broker/insurance dude. That is to get those details right! Course was over, then went to bank and closed account. Went to Mum's and got Muggle and a big cheque. Went to lawyers and handed it over.

Tomorrow I will be a part-owner in a house. Weird!

We need a fridge.

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