June 11, 2004

Winter Food

All this week I have wanted what I think of as winter food. Mainly, things from the oven. Roast vegetables. Casseroles. Roast chicken. Mashed Parsnip and Carrot (with Butter). Bread and Butter Pudding. Also many hot drinks, hot chocolate, hot orange and barley, hot blackcurrant.

If you have been following this blog over the last few weeks you might have noticed Bread and Butter Pudding written down a few times. Well I finally made it on Wednesday. I was supposed to be doing reports but instead I cooked dinner and made Bread and Butter Pudding. Thanks to Svend who said "It IS is the Edmonds Cookbook". I made some slight differences to the recipe and here is what I used

6 'end pieces' from three different loaves of bread
3 eggs
1 cup of milk (or was is two...? check the cookbook)
the grated rind from one lime
about 150ml of craisons. (the 'c' is supposed to be there)
about 150ml of white sugar

Anyway, you cut the bread into quarters and layer it, the craisons, the rind and the sugar into an oven safe bowl. Mix the eggs and milk in another bowl and then pour onto the bread. Leave to stand for 15 minutes. I then baked it for about 50 min at 180degreesC. The recipe says about 30min but it was still a bit runny, altho it tasted fine. This might be because I used calci-trim. Anyway I put it in for another 20 min or so and it was perfect.

I really like bread and butter pudding but we now have no dried fruit in the house so I can't make it again until we have some...maybe tomorrow!

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