April 19, 2005

Shush, I'm busy resting!

So have been on school holidays since Friday afternoon and have been pretty busy the whole time. I've also been sick the whole time

Friday I rushed out of school as soon as it was over and didn't hand in my register! Oops! I'll probably get in trouble for that. I'll see if I can hand it in tomorrow.

Anyway, I didn't go over the Haywards so it took a while but I went to "Pram" and had dinner at Matt and Debz' with my Beau. I also had plans to drop by Alan's Birthday but too sick to have the energy for that. Matt and Debz also had breakfast foods for us and had thought I was staying over, apparently everyone did except me. Sick, with contacts on, but no case to put them in and needing to be at Armageddon by 8am the next day. No surprise we didn't stay over. Did enjoy the time I spent there tho. Yay!

Saturday was a day of sitting in the Animation room and spending too much money on Anime I had already seen. Still, can't actually get the energy up to be disappointed. I saw "Get Backers" and think I shall need to own that at a later date. Also, Full Metal Alchemist. Seems cool.

Sat evening had dinner at Jenni and Lees and forced beau and sass to briefly attend a farewell to a workmate of mine. Was reminded about register

Sunday was full of cosplay. I really enjoyed it this year and as part of Jenni and my cosplay we had my workmate's two year old daughter dressed up as the cutest Kero (from CCS) ever! Soooo cute! "What the Hell" Cute! I'll see if I can get some pictures. We got in the "top ten". 1st prize was cool, as was everyone really. I'm wondering if they wished they could have gotten money, altho the cellphone they got was pretty cool. Our Kero was not only cute but well behaved. I gave her much cuddles and pizza. She seemed to have a fun time. Her mum found it neat and strange how many people recognised the costume because she personally had no idea!

Sunday evening I blobbed and Sass and I had Hell pizza. Sooo lazy.

Monday I joyfully slept in and had lunch with Phreq and Jenni. Also managed to pop into school to get stuff so that I could actually do my register. In the evening I had fun RPing. Although not that much stuff happened I did eat a lot of snacks. Loaded Hog has some weird and delicious seasoned cashew nuts. Must have them again. Fidels had delicious apricot cheesecake...ahm.. must have!

Today in order to get rid of all that junk I ingested I slept in, ate leftovers and didn't get dressed until after 2pm. Althoughm in all honesty I am not completely slack, I'm at the library right now covering for someone else. Otherwise I might not have gotten dressed at all!

Tomorrow I'm having lunch at the Japanese teachers house. We're going to make sushi! I might see if I can be bothered getting up early and going into school and dropping off my register!

I love being on holiday.

Posted by giffy at April 19, 2005 08:15 PM