July 30, 2004

Blood, Beauty and Butterflies

Yesterday was a pretty neat day. My Y12 had another dissection.

We've moved topics to Gaseous exchange so we were looking at Gas Exchange surfaces. We dissected Fish Heads looking at their gills and also a sheep "pluck" which is trachea lungs and heart. I find fish head dissecting upsetting, because the eyes! The huge staring eyes. Which I later talked to another teacher with and I should probably have plucked those right out as inside they have beautiful spherical lenses that I could have shown my Y9 who are doing a "Light" topic. Probably be dissecting cow eyes with them later, they have elliptical lenses.

The smell was prettty strong coming off the fish but you got used to it pretty quickly and even the most upset and disgusted student was amazed by the beauty of the gills. Delicate Pink Combs. The plucks were a bit old hat to them although they enjoyed the texture of the lungs. One student took great joy in cutting open a bronchus and then following all the smaller bronchioles. It is beneficial because I think they have this idea that lungs are like balloons all empty on the inside, when really they are much more like sponges!

In the evening I went home and walked to meet Jenni for dinner. It was pretty neat as Beau turned up as well and he has been missing me and told me so. Jonno also called and met me so I got to catch up briefly with him which was great. Then when Jenni also told me Zeph was going to have dinner with us so I was extra happy! Dinner was swift (we didn't have much time) and also pretty good. Also made some plans for tonight, Mercury and then maybe dinner. After dinner, the ballet, Madame Butterfly (more commonly known as an opera but not this time).

Jenni and I turned up and as I had bought tickets with school there were several teachers and school students there as well. We weren't too sure what the story was about and one of the other teachers gave the summary that she heard, something like "Japanese woman and American man get married, he goes back to America, she has a baby, he returns and takes the baby, she commits suicide". It made Jenni realise that we had seen the story before in the Animation Now of a past film festival. That was a gorgeous animation with dolls.

They had some amazing costumes! The men all wore pants and not tights. The sets were very well done. I especially liked this sheer curtain they had painted with butterflies. You could see past it and they would be dancing on the other side. There was a neat shadow dance done from behind screens, I immensely enjoyed a comedy dance between Butterfly and a would be suitor. The little boy who played the son in the second half stole the show! Soo small, cute and well behaved, although from where we were sitting, everyone looked small and cute. It was all quite beautiful, even if ballet is sort of like watching mute aliens trying to communicate. At the end I cried.

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July 28, 2004

In the spotlight

My Dad has started to read my blog.... that makes me feel a bit weird. Too many people I know are reading it. Now I can't complain about anyone because they might read the blog and get upset! Wa-ah!

Also, he mocked me about implying I was fabulous. Harsh.

Also several of the blogs I read have discussed negative body images. I feel bad about how I look or present myself a lot of the time, but sometimes I feel that my feelings are marginalised because I am percieved as "confident". Sometimes I feel really awkward about talking to strangers or people I don't know very well. But the thing is that I will go and do it. Or I will wear an outfit that is not 100% flattering, such as my swimsuit. Still get out into the pool. Now I realise that some people can't bring themselves to do these things at all, and I am totally cool about that, they probably feel worse than me, but that does not mean that I do not feel bad. That does not mean I always am enjoying myself. I remember that at TCol I mentioned an experience I had where I stood up to an employer and the lecturer said, "Yes, you are confident, you could do it" or something like that. It was like because I could do those things they were easy for me. Well it wasn't easy, it was hard and upset me for a long time, but I did do it, because I felt like it had to be done and noone else was going to.

There are few things that I would say I am 100% confident about. Maybe the love of my family, but even then there are still insecurities. I am just happy that I can pull up my toe socks and keep on going. My life has been pretty much problem free and sometimes I feel bad for feeling bad about such inconsequential things.

On a different tack, Svend seems to be living in my flat but I do not seem to be seeing him. That is kind of strange, also, he is about to go to England for a month so I definitely won't see him then. I hope he puts away more of his stuff before then. I have to go back to my parents place and cart a bunch of old clothes to the Sallies or do something with them. I also bought some silk in Thailand that I want to get made up into some outfits.

Currently feeling tired and missing Beau even tho it has only been 3 days since I saw him last. I shall endeavour to go over to his place sometime tonight and give him a hug and go on the treadmill. He has Role playing tonight so won't really be able to speak to him. I hope his week is going alright.

I should also try and get in contact with Jonno, apparently he came over on Sunday and visited for a while, but I was out. He has started new job and i hope that is working out. Bean texted me and she is happy up on the east coast but does not appear to have much cell phone coverage or internet of any kind. Also hope A is happy and health and that her tonsilectomy went without a hitch.

Puggle made pototo and smoked chicken salad last night. She is rocking in the cooking department recently!

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July 26, 2004

School Production

I am only vaguely involved in this years school production, but I am involved as I spent some time this weekend hemming the ends of 'table cloths' for it. Anyway, it's "a comedy of errors" and it's going to be presented 'cafe-style' with little tables and some juice and finger food given to audience while play is on. I'm going to go on Wednesday next week. If others are interested comment below and I shall email you back with details on time, location and cost!

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July 25, 2004

Blinking Slowly

Am feeling a bit tired as I got up this morning. On Sundays I quite like not having to do that. However I have been hogging Beau and he should go home and see his family and go to church some time so I got up.

Listened to some neat stuff on National Radio in my car in a sunny spot. It is Maori Language Week next week. They talked about the Maori TV channel a lot. I like Maori TV, I don't know why, it's kinda soothing watching TV programs in a language you don't understand. Some of their shows have english subtitles and then when I watch I can feel all educational. Hurrah!

On Thursday Beau, Svend and I all watched Animation Now. So I didn't buy Tupperware or go to the Library either. I probably won't make it to the library next week either as I am going to the ballet. Have asked Sass to cover but might see if she will swap me so that I can work on Monday instead. I like going to the library and haven't for weeks as there was school holidays. Animation now was quite good and also quite short. That is pretty normal for it. I probably like the Australian one the best but I can't even remember the name of it. It had a funny sweet story and I like it when they do have stories. Beau liked the Canadian one which was called Flux. The animation for that was pretty crazy as was the story.

Have been listening National Radio quite a lot, whihc is normal when I am working as I have it on in the car so to and from work and any other driving times. In the evenings they have been playing Bram Stoker's Dracula the Radio Play and I have to say that there is something very sensual about radio, much more than TV in many ways, or maybe I am just desensitised to TV. Dracula seems to have a huge amount of sighs in it!

Beau and I finally watched season 7 of Buffy. It was pretty cool and I am very glad that I saw Firefly before I saw season 7 as the Captain is very different to the Preacher in Buffy and if I had seen Buffy first I think I would have had trouble trusting the Captain in Firefly. As it was I kept saying "He's good, he's good!!!"

Might go exercise now and watch CSI at the same time. I like how Svend is buying the DVDs of CSI. It is definitely rewatchable if you have seen the episodes before and just plain watchable if you haven't.

I bought Puggle Sok and I hazelnut Snickers bars to try the new flavour and I gave Puggle and Sok theirs. Beau was over and I didn't want to share mine so I put it somewhere safe and out of the way. Now I can't find it! Wa-ah! That teaches me not to be greedy!!

Long enough entry.

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July 22, 2004


I just found out that 2 other people I know have blogs! The world has gone blog mad! I am happy for them to get their own blogs but it makes me sad as I fear they will no longer comment on mine. Wa-ah! Also they have livejournals. I haven't tried commenting on theirs yet as I know some livejournals won't let you comment on them unless you too have a livejournal. It's all very tiring.

My cough is still sticking around which led to much concern in my year 10 class with them asking me if I wanted to go have a drink of water or a cough lollie. The water is not so helpful as I fear coughing it up. Ewwww.

We did a heart dissection today with my Y12. They would have all done it in Y10 already so it was mostly a demo. It is strange how dissections can show some really big differences in people. There are those who can't stand to be in the same room as it, those who can watch it but can't stand touching and those who are dying for a scalpel. I told them that if they want to they can buy hearts and kidneys at the supermarket. One girl had watcher her cousin butcher a sheep before and she thought we should get a whole animal. Another mentioned that her uncle was a butcher. Alot of them were quite keen to dissect a brain and were bugging the girl with the butcher uncle to see if he could provide one. Also asking me if they brought a brain in would we be allowed to dissect it. I didn't think we could get one and I'll have to check with more senior teachers, it's definitely not relevant for this topic anyway. When I mentioned that I didn't think we could get a brain one of them was like, "we could get a whole head! I know you can buy pigs heads".... ahhhh... I said no.

Anyway it was all very educational. If I had been thinking more I would have made slides with the blood so that they can get a look at mammalian blood cells.... There might still be time... Gotta go!

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July 20, 2004


Have been playing on the bbc science website and they have quizzes!! and Games!! And other cool stuff. The one I just did was for distinguishing between genuine and fake smiles and I got 17/20 correct which is pretty awesome considering that it is supposed to be pretty hard. I was quite suspicious and the three I got wrong were all genuine and I said they were fake and I stick by it!!

Off to play other games on it now, I think the organ one. You too can have fun at the BBC Science and Nature site.

On the cold front still am coughing a lot and so am not going to singing lessons today (Boo..coff coff) and also sinuses have started to block. Yikes!

Apparently Sass went and got herself a blog too! I'll have to see if she will allow me to link to it.

Maybe I want a livejournal, others do.

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July 19, 2004

Websites to alcohols!

Just read my stats and the most popular search term for this site is "Chocolate martinis". Thought I would post the websites for yummy alcohols.

The Honey Hive has an website where you can buy fruit wines such as the yummy feijoa one or "novelty" Cats Pee wines like Cats Pee on a Strawberry.

Prenzel also has its own website where you can buy yummy liquers such as Chocamulu which is very effective in a chocolate martini. The awesome thing about the website is that it has a recipes page!! yumyumyum! Kinda cool, or scarily depending on how you look at it is that you can have a prenzel tasting party! Yikes!

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Term 3

Bleurgh. Back at school. Also Sok and I both seem to have caught the same cold. I suspect she is getting over it faster than me! EVIL!! It involves a wet yucky cough. It is kind of not fun trying to teach while hacking up a lung.

Also have been having car troubles. Dad fooled around with my car to make it better and the original problem seems sorted but others have appeared! annoyance.

I tried to get into school yesterday but my pin didn't seem to work and the alarms got set off. Great. Thus I did not get into school and so am less prepared than I would like to be, but it is ok. OK! Only am as prepared as normal. Ahhh well.

I did manage to do some marking last night 3 classes worth. My students do as well as the other teachers. I might be doing something wrong. oh-oh. Ah well it should hopefully be all right!

One good thing about school is that I managed to get a new password and can once more check email. Also will be able to update blog more regularly than in holidays. Huzzah!

One neat thing to mention, Matt and Debz came over on Friday and there was much PS2 joy! Also yummy Feijoa and Strawberry wines from the Honey hive. One was "Cats Pee" brand the other wasn't. Both were delicious!

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July 12, 2004


Well I had a pretty neat time at conference and I even bumped into a Dunedin friend who was up for a different conference and that was neat. I had planned to visit people at Buckets of Dice but timing was a bit off with the trip to Wanaka.

Wanaka was neat and it was cool seeing Bean's family. I saw her Dad in Chch as he was headed out of country for a hunting expedition. Saw one brother in Chch also. In wanaka met up with Bean's Mum and her littlist brother, who is now Y12. He is soo much taller than when I first met him. Her Mum said she was pleased that both her daughters were visiting her and Bean complained a lot that I was the favourite daughter.

I met Bean while studying at Otago, we lived in the same hostel and studied a lot of the same subjects. My family were far away in Wellington and they weren't able to visit that often and it was just a bit of wasted expense for me to go home every Uni break. Bean's family were awesome to me. I stayed on their farm several time as well as attending and organising various holidays at their holiday home in Wanaka. They have always been great to me even though when I normally stay with them all I do is mooch around watching TV, reading books, sleeping in and eating all their food. Bean reckons they like me cause I'm not pretending to be anything other than myself, also I am pretty low maintenance. I think they like me because I am a good friend to Bean. She had some not so nice friends at highschool and was not your average farm girl, so didn't fit into the main cliques. I am a good influence due to my cheery nature and confidence... or something. Anyway I love them and they love me so it is good.

On the way back from Wanaka, Bean got a speeding ticket. $120!! We were just pleased the policeman didn't ask to see my drivers license as we are both on our restricted and breaking the rules for restricted has an automatic fine of $400. Phew.

While down south I also saw two movies Harry Potter 3 and Spiderman 2. I liked them both alright but I won't be rushing to go and watch them again.

Another person I saw was Phreq. She has the most gorgeous puppies in the world at her house. They are sooo cute. I got to give her the present from Sok and Jenni and she loved it. A beautiful quilt made by Jenni. It was neat spending time with her and hopefully she'll come and spend a short holiday with us sometime.

Two things I forgot and regret for my holiday.

1) My camera!! I could have had a photo taken with Professor Robert Lord Winston. I got to touch him tho! YEAH! Also the puppies!!

2) Embalina's Birthday. I totally meant to text or phone you and I forgot! I love you. Hope you had a good day.

Anyway I am at Beau's house and should go and say Hi to his grandparents.

Another annoying thing is that I forgot my password for my school internet. BAKA! I can't check it until I get back to school and get a new password. It might not actually be me. It might be that they've been playing with the logins. They said they would. Still, the annoyance.

Thanks for reading and commenting while I've been away ;)

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July 04, 2004


Am in Christchurch and am safe and cold. Conference starts this afternoon. Human Body guy is speaking this afternoon too. Yay. There are plans to go to Wanaka later on in the week. Must see phreq to give her present altho unfortunately no Ma Higgins. I was sick so didn't get out of house to get for you sorry!

On Friday got text from Blondie and our flat is too loud for her and she would like to look for new place for her. I new she was too good for us. Blondie is an awesome flatmate but the rest of us are too into singstar and anime for her I think. Anyway when I left I was lining up a new flatmate for us so that when I come back the changeover should have occured. Cna anyone guess who it is???

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July 01, 2004


End of term seems to lead to many people being sick. Lots of the teachers are looking the worse for wear but are holding out for another day. I must hold out for longer as being sick and away from home are not good things. Especially as my friend Bean's place in Christchurch is inevitably going to be freezing and probably a bit filthy too.

Singstar and having a dance mat a great! So is Firefly. I would totally buy it for $95. It is 14 episodes plus the pilot episode so that is many hours of goodness. I am currently up to the third disk and there has been much laughing out loud.

Another great thing is that I FINALLY have got email at school! Hurrah! It is also web-based so I can check it away from school. Great! Hotmail no longer works at school so I won't be checking that much now. If you want my email address post a comment saying so and I shall reply with email if I know who you are. I have loved all the comments I got for my last post. Especially and Including the smoke in space ones. Neat.

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