July 12, 2004


Well I had a pretty neat time at conference and I even bumped into a Dunedin friend who was up for a different conference and that was neat. I had planned to visit people at Buckets of Dice but timing was a bit off with the trip to Wanaka.

Wanaka was neat and it was cool seeing Bean's family. I saw her Dad in Chch as he was headed out of country for a hunting expedition. Saw one brother in Chch also. In wanaka met up with Bean's Mum and her littlist brother, who is now Y12. He is soo much taller than when I first met him. Her Mum said she was pleased that both her daughters were visiting her and Bean complained a lot that I was the favourite daughter.

I met Bean while studying at Otago, we lived in the same hostel and studied a lot of the same subjects. My family were far away in Wellington and they weren't able to visit that often and it was just a bit of wasted expense for me to go home every Uni break. Bean's family were awesome to me. I stayed on their farm several time as well as attending and organising various holidays at their holiday home in Wanaka. They have always been great to me even though when I normally stay with them all I do is mooch around watching TV, reading books, sleeping in and eating all their food. Bean reckons they like me cause I'm not pretending to be anything other than myself, also I am pretty low maintenance. I think they like me because I am a good friend to Bean. She had some not so nice friends at highschool and was not your average farm girl, so didn't fit into the main cliques. I am a good influence due to my cheery nature and confidence... or something. Anyway I love them and they love me so it is good.

On the way back from Wanaka, Bean got a speeding ticket. $120!! We were just pleased the policeman didn't ask to see my drivers license as we are both on our restricted and breaking the rules for restricted has an automatic fine of $400. Phew.

While down south I also saw two movies Harry Potter 3 and Spiderman 2. I liked them both alright but I won't be rushing to go and watch them again.

Another person I saw was Phreq. She has the most gorgeous puppies in the world at her house. They are sooo cute. I got to give her the present from Sok and Jenni and she loved it. A beautiful quilt made by Jenni. It was neat spending time with her and hopefully she'll come and spend a short holiday with us sometime.

Two things I forgot and regret for my holiday.

1) My camera!! I could have had a photo taken with Professor Robert Lord Winston. I got to touch him tho! YEAH! Also the puppies!!

2) Embalina's Birthday. I totally meant to text or phone you and I forgot! I love you. Hope you had a good day.

Anyway I am at Beau's house and should go and say Hi to his grandparents.

Another annoying thing is that I forgot my password for my school internet. BAKA! I can't check it until I get back to school and get a new password. It might not actually be me. It might be that they've been playing with the logins. They said they would. Still, the annoyance.

Thanks for reading and commenting while I've been away ;)

Posted by giffy at July 12, 2004 09:07 PM