July 19, 2004

Term 3

Bleurgh. Back at school. Also Sok and I both seem to have caught the same cold. I suspect she is getting over it faster than me! EVIL!! It involves a wet yucky cough. It is kind of not fun trying to teach while hacking up a lung.

Also have been having car troubles. Dad fooled around with my car to make it better and the original problem seems sorted but others have appeared! annoyance.

I tried to get into school yesterday but my pin didn't seem to work and the alarms got set off. Great. Thus I did not get into school and so am less prepared than I would like to be, but it is ok. OK! Only am as prepared as normal. Ahhh well.

I did manage to do some marking last night 3 classes worth. My students do as well as the other teachers. I might be doing something wrong. oh-oh. Ah well it should hopefully be all right!

One good thing about school is that I managed to get a new password and can once more check email. Also will be able to update blog more regularly than in holidays. Huzzah!

One neat thing to mention, Matt and Debz came over on Friday and there was much PS2 joy! Also yummy Feijoa and Strawberry wines from the Honey hive. One was "Cats Pee" brand the other wasn't. Both were delicious!

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