July 01, 2004


End of term seems to lead to many people being sick. Lots of the teachers are looking the worse for wear but are holding out for another day. I must hold out for longer as being sick and away from home are not good things. Especially as my friend Bean's place in Christchurch is inevitably going to be freezing and probably a bit filthy too.

Singstar and having a dance mat a great! So is Firefly. I would totally buy it for $95. It is 14 episodes plus the pilot episode so that is many hours of goodness. I am currently up to the third disk and there has been much laughing out loud.

Another great thing is that I FINALLY have got email at school! Hurrah! It is also web-based so I can check it away from school. Great! Hotmail no longer works at school so I won't be checking that much now. If you want my email address post a comment saying so and I shall reply with email if I know who you are. I have loved all the comments I got for my last post. Especially and Including the smoke in space ones. Neat.

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