June 29, 2004


Well I borrowed Firefly and have watched the first 4 episodes and it IS great. When I first heard the concept of it "space cowboys" I was not inspired, but people kept saying how good it was and now that I have watched some I agree. The word that keeps coming to mind is textured. I don't have a favourite character yet. I like pretty much all of them. I like the way they speak and the language they use. I like how they have solved the gravity-no gravity? question for ships in the future by just ignoring it rather then making up some long winded explanation. I will probably be sad when I reach the last episode. Ahh well, I should get to watch final season of Buffy on DVD then.

Sok and I have singing lessons today and that should be good. It was nice not having to teach this morning. I now must go plan for tomorrow when I will not be there and a reliever will be taking my class. Including starting a new topic with my Y12 which I do not yet understand myself. Hurrah!!

Also special Add-on for Zeph. PS2 is good. I like the dance mat, but more games are desired and required. Can I come over and borrow some? Tonight maybe? I just pop in for games and then might go do supermarket shopping. If ok?

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