July 22, 2004


I just found out that 2 other people I know have blogs! The world has gone blog mad! I am happy for them to get their own blogs but it makes me sad as I fear they will no longer comment on mine. Wa-ah! Also they have livejournals. I haven't tried commenting on theirs yet as I know some livejournals won't let you comment on them unless you too have a livejournal. It's all very tiring.

My cough is still sticking around which led to much concern in my year 10 class with them asking me if I wanted to go have a drink of water or a cough lollie. The water is not so helpful as I fear coughing it up. Ewwww.

We did a heart dissection today with my Y12. They would have all done it in Y10 already so it was mostly a demo. It is strange how dissections can show some really big differences in people. There are those who can't stand to be in the same room as it, those who can watch it but can't stand touching and those who are dying for a scalpel. I told them that if they want to they can buy hearts and kidneys at the supermarket. One girl had watcher her cousin butcher a sheep before and she thought we should get a whole animal. Another mentioned that her uncle was a butcher. Alot of them were quite keen to dissect a brain and were bugging the girl with the butcher uncle to see if he could provide one. Also asking me if they brought a brain in would we be allowed to dissect it. I didn't think we could get one and I'll have to check with more senior teachers, it's definitely not relevant for this topic anyway. When I mentioned that I didn't think we could get a brain one of them was like, "we could get a whole head! I know you can buy pigs heads".... ahhhh... I said no.

Anyway it was all very educational. If I had been thinking more I would have made slides with the blood so that they can get a look at mammalian blood cells.... There might still be time... Gotta go!

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