July 25, 2004

Blinking Slowly

Am feeling a bit tired as I got up this morning. On Sundays I quite like not having to do that. However I have been hogging Beau and he should go home and see his family and go to church some time so I got up.

Listened to some neat stuff on National Radio in my car in a sunny spot. It is Maori Language Week next week. They talked about the Maori TV channel a lot. I like Maori TV, I don't know why, it's kinda soothing watching TV programs in a language you don't understand. Some of their shows have english subtitles and then when I watch I can feel all educational. Hurrah!

On Thursday Beau, Svend and I all watched Animation Now. So I didn't buy Tupperware or go to the Library either. I probably won't make it to the library next week either as I am going to the ballet. Have asked Sass to cover but might see if she will swap me so that I can work on Monday instead. I like going to the library and haven't for weeks as there was school holidays. Animation now was quite good and also quite short. That is pretty normal for it. I probably like the Australian one the best but I can't even remember the name of it. It had a funny sweet story and I like it when they do have stories. Beau liked the Canadian one which was called Flux. The animation for that was pretty crazy as was the story.

Have been listening National Radio quite a lot, whihc is normal when I am working as I have it on in the car so to and from work and any other driving times. In the evenings they have been playing Bram Stoker's Dracula the Radio Play and I have to say that there is something very sensual about radio, much more than TV in many ways, or maybe I am just desensitised to TV. Dracula seems to have a huge amount of sighs in it!

Beau and I finally watched season 7 of Buffy. It was pretty cool and I am very glad that I saw Firefly before I saw season 7 as the Captain is very different to the Preacher in Buffy and if I had seen Buffy first I think I would have had trouble trusting the Captain in Firefly. As it was I kept saying "He's good, he's good!!!"

Might go exercise now and watch CSI at the same time. I like how Svend is buying the DVDs of CSI. It is definitely rewatchable if you have seen the episodes before and just plain watchable if you haven't.

I bought Puggle Sok and I hazelnut Snickers bars to try the new flavour and I gave Puggle and Sok theirs. Beau was over and I didn't want to share mine so I put it somewhere safe and out of the way. Now I can't find it! Wa-ah! That teaches me not to be greedy!!

Long enough entry.

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