July 20, 2004


Have been playing on the bbc science website and they have quizzes!! and Games!! And other cool stuff. The one I just did was for distinguishing between genuine and fake smiles and I got 17/20 correct which is pretty awesome considering that it is supposed to be pretty hard. I was quite suspicious and the three I got wrong were all genuine and I said they were fake and I stick by it!!

Off to play other games on it now, I think the organ one. You too can have fun at the BBC Science and Nature site.

On the cold front still am coughing a lot and so am not going to singing lessons today (Boo..coff coff) and also sinuses have started to block. Yikes!

Apparently Sass went and got herself a blog too! I'll have to see if she will allow me to link to it.

Maybe I want a livejournal, others do.

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