August 31, 2004

Big, Blue and Bouncy

I just got a gym ball (aka Swiss ball but a cheaper version). I am very delighten now that I have it, although it took a while coming. When I first got it, it was missing its plug and had a couple of 'weak' spots on it. Then I had to wait as it was blown up, left for a day and then today I blew it up the rest of the way! (Thanks to the school's gym staff). I'm pleased, because I was meaning to go to the gym after school, but I forgot my gear. Now I can sit in front of the computer and count it as doing exercise! Hurrah!

I will do some singing exercises tho. I'm going to go and try out the studios. Once the students are safely gone anyway. I've been a bit slack this week and must try to make it up.

One of my teacher friends is saying that she is looking to leave at the end of the year. Not leave teaching, but leaving the school. This makes me sad. It is nice having school friends and some people are pretty clique-y.

I go to check my LiveJournal.

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August 30, 2004

Busy Buzzy Bumblebee, but evil.


I had a busy weekend. It was supposed to be a relaxing non-busy one! But I got texts on Friday afternoon informing me that a friend (squash) was in Wellington and that another friend (bean) was on her way to Wellington. She was coming down to spend time with him while he was up for a conference. I had sort of vaguely absorbed the fact that he was in Wellington this weekend earlier on in the week, and I knew that she was thinking of coming down to visit, but it didn't become real until about 5pm Friday.

So I spend a lot of time on Sat and Sunday with them hanging out and attending movies and getting my eyebrows threaded again (thinner this time and I like it!). We went and saw Jersey Girl, the Kevin Smith movie with Ben Affleck and JLo, she dies quite early on in it. It was mostly about him dealing with being a single parent. It was cute, but I would have gotten as much out of it watching it on video. The little girl was really a mini-JLo! It wasn't as edgy or ridiculous as his movies often are. It was just nice. Except for the random Liv Tyler being a grad student doing her thesis on family men who watch porn. Bizarre.

Had dinner on Saturday evening at Beau's house and dragged Bean along with me. They are so neat, letting me bring friends over. I should really have taken her to go visit my parents, but then I probably would have hardly seen Beau at all.

Bean also went to 2 different flatwarmings with me. One, briefly on Friday night, which was kinda weird as we were originally invited to it as Beau's friend's flat, but then we bumped into a Otago buddy who is also flatting there. The really weird part is that he is also Bean's ex. There was almost as many Otago ppl at that flat warming as there were Wellingtonians. Some, like Beau and me are both!

Saturday night was another flatwarming for friend's of Beau and I. Probably the most exciting thing that evening was the alien porn we watched. Bean didn't watch much of it, but did get pretty drunk, although she assures me, not That Drunk. I'm not sure how drunk That Drunk, is but it might involve throwing up and I am glad she didn't get That Drunk. I got tipsy and managed to follow most of the porn plot. It was pretty weak, but there you go. Oh dear, I just realised I'm gonna get people finding my blog after googling 'alien porn'.


Went to Jenni's on Sunday, Squash and Bean also came along. Matt and Debz were there too! Jenni read us stories and fed us cake, then Bean headed back up north. Squash stayed for a game of Trivial Pursuit. I always think I like TP but then it takes ages to finish and I got very tired and floppy. Eventually we went home.

My hair is very long and needs a cut.

My telling of tale is making me tired now! Must get enough energy to teach a class, go supermarket shopping and do some marking. Booooooo!

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August 27, 2004

I just can't hide it!

AH!!! I just checked the Armageddon website again and ....... SEAN ASTIN is coming!!! Yay!!!

Also, on a more serious note (what-ever!), they will be having a Dance Dance Revolution competition. I must practise my dancing moves! I haven't played on my dance mat for AGES! Time to move the coffee table aside and get jiggy!

I have two parties to go to this weekend. How will I survive?

Must go prepare, I still have 3 more classes to do before the week is over.


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August 26, 2004

Union Meeting

Well this afternoon there was no school as we had a big paid meeting. Everyone in our 'region' was supposed to be there and there was voting on whether or not we should agree to the current three year proposal. People were pretty happy with it, except it still hasn't sorted out the G-3-equivalent problem.

This is something that started a few years ago when a deal was negotiated for more pay steps for teachers, but only those who had at least a degree and a teaching diploma, or teaching degree. Now there are quite a few teachers who do not have these exact qualifications, especially in the various technologies as they might have done different training. Previously there was no bias to these teachers and many of them have been or are HODs or higher. They might have been teaching for years and years! But the government took back the fact that they are the same as other teachers and now they can no longer get paid as much as others. They're trying to sort out maybe a short diploma or something these people could do but it isn't at all figured out yet. Many people are understandably upset.

There was also a bit of excitement when a school brought up a proposal that we protest against Trevor Mallard's decision from earlier this year to change the school year. What he has proposed to do is to take a week of holiday out of the easter holidays and move it into the middle of the 3rd term. So that sports tournament week can occur more easily. The thing is that this would mean that the teachers that are required for this would have to take up a week of their holidays to represent the school, and the school that was complaining about it said they have about 150 out of 1200 go to this. More kids than that might be absent merely due to illness! Also kids and teachers are tired after 1st term. It is the longest term of the year and 2nd term is the next longest. That two weeks was practically vital! Then to go and disrupt the third term, the one where "Mocks" normally occur is ridiculous. What's even more crazy is that they are also requiring primary and intermediate schools to fall in line and do this as well! BAH! Idiocy!

What I want to know is what happened at the other regions meeting's. Please comment if you know. Matt and Debz I am looking at you!!

Oh, one really neat thing was seeing TCol ppl I hadn't seen since last year! Yay! Plus that whole not having to teach a class. Woot.

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August 25, 2004

Confused Daily

I feel weird. Today is Wednesday, but since I didn't go to school yesterday, I feel like it is Monday. Tomorrow is only going to be a half day and the students don't have to wear uniform. I am sure this is only going to confuse me more.

We are currently in week 6 of the school term and this term there are only 9 weeks. Our exams are in week 8 and apparently during exam week we have a change in timetables so that lunchtime will coincide with the time between the morning and afternoon exam. That is going to be weird.

I have started a new thing in the morning where I check the uniform before the students are allowed to leave formtime. Currently the big thing that is bugging the ppl in charge is ties. Do the students have them on and do they have them on correctly?

Sometimes students are such fools. They should just realise that life is that much easier if you just do what the authority figures ask you to do. Like, it is easier to finish class work off in class where you can have help than it is to talk to someone else, carry your books home and then back without opening them and then getting lectured at the next day for not having done your homewok. Fools.

I missed Parent-teacher interviews yesterday which was a bit of a pity because there were people I did want to see. I didn't miss singing, but I was a bit useless. I didn't do any practise last week and it showed. Plus I wasn't really in the mood for silly love songs.

I'm mainly concentrating on singing "Fish gotta swim" from Showboat. My singing teacher always likes to say that I must be thinking of someone in particular as I am putting lots of feeling into it. Truthfully, I am not! Mostly I like to imagine that I am standing on a stage with a spot light and a huge adoring audience out there watching me. If I actually was on a stage with an any-sized audience I would probably choke up.

Pah, must go play KoL now.

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August 23, 2004

Famous Song from Cats

Aunty Peg's funeral has got me thinking about her a lot.

She had a stroke over 12 years ago and since then has been partially paralyzed and so has been living in the hospital wing of a rest home. She had moved there of her own volition a few months before her stroke. Before that she lived on her own in a house her father (my great-grandfather) built in Thorndon. It had a fabulous view! She lived on her own and always had as long as I could remember, not that long in her life. She was 92 when she passed away.

Before she moved we visited her quite frequently and she always had a jar of lollies so that we could each have one. She had a great toy box which had really neat wooden blocks in various shapes, including half-circles and arches and a bunch of farm animals as well as some metal fences. She taught me to play Scrabble.

I always thought she was really neat and independant living on her own with no man. When she first moved into the home I organised for Puggle and me to have a sleep-over at her house. All girls! I remember that she cooked us dinner and that it included green beans and was yummy. We slept in sleeping bags in the lounge. She had a crocheted blanket over the couch. She used to crochet alot and she knitted us all (and all the cousins) jerseys every year for our birthdays. I can only remember one, probably the last one she made for me, it was blue and had big shapes (square, circle, triangle, I think) in various colours on it.

Once she had the stroke she couldn't knit anymore. She had been quite an active woman and even after the stroke, when she was wheelchair-bound, no matter what the weather, if you suggested a drive or a walk on the grounds, she was always keen.

When at Uni I got her a Diana Gabaldan book, the first one in that series whatever it's called, for christmas. She enjoyed it and passed it on to my Granny. I think I got her the second in the series too, but her eyesight was going at that stage and the print was too small. I remember being a pretty shocked that she had liked it and was keen for the next because... some bits are pretty raunchy! Not to mention Granny as well! I guess I totally forgot about all the real-life these women have had.

Aren't people funny?

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August 21, 2004

Slightly depressed

Not feeling much right now, happy, sad or angry.My Great Aunt died yesterday.

She has been quite ill for the past week, but I didn't go up and see her, everyone else in the family managed to I think. I feel kind of bad about that, but not too bad because when they did go and see her there wasn't anything you could do. Just watch her 'sleeping'.

We didn't get up there last night either, because of the car crash at Pukeroa Bay. 4 people died in that crash last I heard. Thing is, we've known for a while that Aunty Peg would die. She's over 90 and has been partially paralyzed for over 10 years. In the past 3-5 years her hearing, vision and mind have been going too. I was always meaning to go and visit her, but hardly ever did. I'm sure she understands tho. She was a really neat woman.

Elders hold a lot of our past. I hope that as a country we can begin to respect them more.

The funeral is scheduled for Tuesday.

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August 19, 2004

Presumed Missing

Yesterday I had a really long bath, like over two hours (but under three!). No one was home and I felt like reading and being warm, so that was my solution. I also took supplies with me, a bottle of water, an apple, pistachio nuts and some chocolate. I was set. While in the bath I heard the phone ring a few times, but there was no way I could get out and to a phone before it clicked over to answering service so I didn't try. I also didn't much fancy taking messages for the other flatmates standing in a towel and dripping plus, COLD!

What I didn't know was that my Dad was trying to reach me to go visit my great-aunt in Waikanae. He was also trying my cell, which I also wasn't answering, I couldn't even hear it. He then tried Beau's house. I had called them earlier and said I'd be coming over. So he got told that. Plus he called Puggle and she said she'd go, she had also seen Sok, who said I'd probably be in the bath. So Dad was fine about it. Plus he got a full load for the car pretty quickly and so I couldn't go anyway.

However, he had passed on the desire to know my location to Beau. Who did not have Sok saying that she'd seen me all healthy and I was bath headed. Instead he worried that I was stuck in the Hutt (all the rain), or hurt, or who knows what. Eventually I got out of the bath, got dried and dressed and checked my messages. There were a couple from Beau sounding frazzled. I didn't get why as I hadn't been planning on seeing him anyway that night. He had Roleplaying, I was just going to go over to say Hi to the whanau and use the treadmill (only 1.7km but I had an incline and hand weights so not totally slack). Anyway I called him up and he was very relieved and told me he was worried. Then I went over to his place and he walked out of his game to hug me and reassure himself.

It's all sweet and good, but the thing is, Beau is frequently non-contactable via phone or cell-phone. In the morning time it might be because he is too asleep to hear it. If it is evening and he is out he often doesn't hear it. Then I am the slightly worrying one. Hopefully this experience will make him take his contactability (awesome wordage) my seriously.

Also yesterday was our sort-of anniversary. Not that he remembered. Ahh well.

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August 18, 2004

All Praise the Forces of the Storm!

Woo-hoo! The motorway to UpperHutt got closed so we had to close the school and send all UH kids home. Then I got to go home. I am soo happy I might have to go and take a bath and a nap. After eating the yummy looking lasagna Margie made.


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School isn't out for Spring.

The weather is so bad in the Wellington Region right now that a large number of girls did not even come to school. Others have left since then, but I am here and have to go and entertain mini-classes. There is no point giving new information to them as so many are missing that I would have to just go over it again tomorrow. Suck.

I wish I could go home!! And lie in my bed, or in front of the heater maybe and just be WARM!

I hope no one has been hurt in this weather, I know of walls toppled over in other staff's gardens, the roof apparently blew off the Koru lounge at the Airport. The school is very leaky.

I hope that our flat isn't leaking and that when it comes to home-time, I hope the roads aren't closed between the Hutt and Wellington.


I watched SatC last night after having a yummy dinner with my family plus some extended family and friends, Sokky came too! Dino's in Karori has good Tiramisu. Also I have organised one place I can visit when I go on OE, namely Toulon, in Provence, southern france, on the Mediterranean. Yay! Anyone else got places I can stay on my future OE?

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Why isn't school out?

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August 17, 2004

Hail Bop

Recently (as in today and yesterday) I have been somewhat virtuous and have managed to do exercise! Once and Beau's house and once at school. Going to do exercise at Beau's is sometimes a little backwards as while I will walk happily while reading or watching TV for half an hour or so, I will also eat a delicious three course meal. Mmmmm. There was soup with sour dough bread. Then steak casserole with mashed potato, mushrooms, peas and corn. THEN there was baked fruit salad with ice-cream. Ahhhhhhhhhh. I've also started a food diary and yesterday took up the whole page (it is a small page).

While on the treadmill at school I could see a grill and get cut-up images of the outside. I can also hear the outside and in the hour or so I spent in that room it must have hailed about 3 different times! Gah! Good thing I was exercising so much that I didn't feel the cold. Plus there is a heater. Anyway, the weather is mental, but not so as to close schools such as is currently happening in Dunedin (but which never happened the 4 years that I lived there).

Tonight Sok and I have singing lessons and once again I may feel virtuous as I have spent time practising, yesterday AND the day before. Awesome.

Must go and tidy up, Sok should be here soon and I don't want her to have to wait outside. Also might be naughty and have takeaways as need to break $100 bill so that I can pay for the lesson!

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August 16, 2004

Clinging like a limpet

I was browsing Jenni's lj friends entries and read one that had a bit saying that you should hold on to your bf or gf. So I do. The funny thing is that I hadn't seen Beau since last Wednesday and he wasn't even really awake, he just covered his head from the light of my getting ready for work. Anyway I went to visit him today and I was happy to sit and watch TV with his mum and he too was happy to do this, if he could cling to my leg. I don't really mind but it seems a little weird 'cause, Dood, your mum is right there. Anyways we is holdings on to one anothers.

I had an ok weekend full of playing Kingdom of Loathing and getting my photo taken. Am hating my legs so have started to record my eats in a diary. Apparently that is one way to help you stop eating too much by showing you how much you have already eaten. Brrr. Hung out with Jenni a fair amount as we were getting photos done for photomatt. The studio was pretty groovy but it was the whole photo thing that restarted the jubbly leg hate. The costumes looked good tho. Hopefully we should get a couple that we can post on our blogs.

I'm off to eat a three course meal and maybe do some treadmill type action. I have managed to do singing practise the past two days so that is one good thing!

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August 13, 2004

Time is stretchy like a scarf

The other day I saw one of my students attacking another students scarf and I almost had nostalgia for when Jenni and Sok used to steal my scarf and play "stretchy worbors" with it. I say almost because I didn't really like it. My granny knitted that scarf for me when I went to highschool and it meant a lot to me. Evil teenage Jenni and Sok. The stories I could tell.

Beau's Mum is knitting me a scarf right now. With that feathery wool. The strange thing is that she told me she hates knitting. I would like to learn it again (my granny taught me when I was little) so I might be finishing it off. Yay!

I saw my Dad yesterday as I was librarying in the same suburb, also the whole scary no lights thing my car was doing. He fixed it! Yay! Then I went and looked at what he had done to the pool. Namely put in 20 goldfish! It was quite neat sitting at the side of the pool with him watching these little schools of goldfish swim in and out of the cover. Who knew there was a goldfish farm in Wainui? Well now you do.

I finished my Y11 marking and feel good. Now must go plan for my next lesson.

Am feeling loving of family and friends both so you guys should feel it too!

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August 11, 2004

Rain on my Roof

This morning when my alarm first went off, the first thing I thought was that I could hear someone typing. tp tp tp. Eventually I woke up enough to realise it was rain on my roof. Then I muzzily wondered if the Earth was writing stories and did it send emailorites to Venus. I wish I could understand just a little more of what the Earth is trying to tell us when it rains.

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August 09, 2004

Hangin' Out With the Peeps

I had a pretty neat weekend with too many hours of Singstar. I think the PS2 actions started around 3pm and kept going 'til about 11pm give or take 30 min each way. There was a break when we were visited by a friend with her sleeping baby (soo cute!) and also for ANTM which we love. I am so sad it is over. The models, the clothes, the hair pulling. Reality TV at its Best/Worst.

Anyway Matt and Debz turned up around 8.30 and we played some on Hard rating which was just depressing, except for Sok who is awesome no matter what rating. Which reminds me that I have singing lessons tomorrow and apart from Singstar and some breathing have not done any practise. Oh well.

I also managed to do some shopping on Saturday "morning". I bought some fruit wine and the AWESOME white boots. They are so great. Also bought some mousse and gel spray so that I can try to get my hair like the friend on Volcano High. If you've seen it, you know who I'm talking about. After some shopping Beau and I had lunch at my Mum's place and she was there so we talked abit. Mostly the others talked about how Ong Bak was awesome and I talked about how I want to see it. Mum reckons that she'll get it on VCD or DVD but not with subtitles. Well, that's one way for me to improve my Thai.

On Sunday I managed to get Beau, Puggle and myself out of bed in time to meet photomatt with Jenni and Lee. Mostly it was Jenni and me doing the meeting, but the others came along for food. I ate sooo much, when I got home I decided to have a bath and then there was nothing for it but that I needed to have a nap... a 2 1/2 hour nap! Ahhh it was soo good. I didn't get any work done during the weekend but I did have a good rest. Anyway there are plans in the making for a cosplay photo shoot so I'll be getting some use out of my costume. I need to get a new long black wig, and the big black boots. Otherwise should be ok.

I'm at Beau's house and his Bro and Sis-in-law are watching Cold Mountain. I read the book while we were in Thailand and I think Nicole Kidman is too old for the role, but Renee Zelwegger is pretty much spot on. Might go do some exercise or just go home soon. See ya.

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August 05, 2004

Bill will be Here!!

I was checking out the Armageddon website to see if they'd fixed the cosplay page and I found out that David Carradine (aka Bill from Kill Bill) is coming! That is exciting to me! I'm also quite excited about Andy Serkis (Gollum). Neat!

Another neat thing is that I finally got in contact with this photography student who wants to photograph cosplayers for a photo essay. He likes anime a bunch and if he does take photos of me (and any others I can get a hold of I guess) then We will get professionally printed large prints of the photos that we like. Neat! Except ,I would have to get kitted out as Suzuka again probably. It's my best costume but it involves me needing to get a hold of some huge thigh-high spike heeled boots... again. How can anyone resist a PVC kimono?

Jenni and Zeph are both off for the weekend so neither of them can go shopping for ridiculous boots with me. Boo! Have invited a couple of people around to play Singstar and drink fruit wine so that should be good. Sooo good. I need to go buy more yummy fruit wine, so there is a need for boots and fruit wine that must be assuaged by Saturday Afternoon. I'll have to see if Sok or Sis or even Beau (hock shorror!) are up for the challenge!

Svend has gone to England. I hope he has a good time and brings me back presents of Galaxy chocolate.

Feeling Random, off to play Neopets.

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August 04, 2004

Better than Average

Yesterday Sok and I went to singing lessons and it was neat as always. Although my cough is still not gone so voice still has some yuckiness. Anyway we got talking to the singing teacher and she was saying we are doing well and I was saying I would like to perform in a show or something and she said maybe we could audition for the Gilbert and Sullivan Society if we like G&S (who doesn't?). I was a bit flabbergasted. Are we good enough for that? Really? Apparently we would be good enough for their chorus anyway. We are definitely better than Average!! HURRAH!

It's hard for me to believe, because people have said to me that I have a nice voice (my teacher says I have a unique tone, so different -not bad- than most other people) but I used to sing with The Soprano. I mean this girl was awesome, perfect pitch, lovely tone and really focussed on music. SO when people told me I had I good voice, I was all....ah... have you heard HER?? Sok had a similar experience I believe.

Anyway our singing teacher said that if we were really interested in performing then she would tell us when competitions and auditions were coming up and we were....ah... competitions.... I don't think so. See I have a problem, on stage, alone, singing... my voice shakes like crazy. It's terrible! I can't compete! She said that competing would be good for me then as it would help me get over the nerves, but the shame!! Same with auditions the shaky voice can't be good. brrrr. Anyway I will try to get over this. Will be doing a mini performance for a reflection at school (mini staff meeting/prayer time in the morning) so that will be one chance to try.

I love performing, shows will be cool fun cause the singing AND dancing AND "acting", so hopefully I shall be getting into some and then forcing my friends to go and watch them.

PS Beau was sooo cute this morning. I just can't contain the sickly love, sorry!

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August 02, 2004

Too much to say

which leaves me with nothing to say.

I've been thinking about various possible blogging entries for a while, but have not yet managed to get one down so I am throwing that all away instead to say:

I must buy some scary white boots. They are "Ulala" boots, white knee high elasticated beasts and they are now only $50. I will have to buy them later this week as I will have been paid then. HURRAH! I will probably never wear them but it does not matter as I need them and it is as simple as that.

Also am excited that an idea I had might be coming true. Namely my flat getting a visitor for a couple of weeks. Joy!

Another cool thing that makes me happy is that Jenni, Puggle and I have FINALLY decided what we will (probably) be cosplaying at Armageddon this year. I have yet to ask Matt and Debz to be involved but I suspect that they might like this idea due to its hilarity. I shall be keeping it a secret for now!

I had a pretty good Saturday past. Sass and Jenni came over and there was Singstar. I was going to have drunken Singstar but decided against it which is good esp as on Friday my cough seemed to be coming back and I don't think it would have helped, also it meant I could drive Beau and I to his parents where we had Pork Steak and yummy yummy salad. Also Sass stayed over and when I woke up, the dishes were done! Hurrah!

I'm supposed to be trying to get into shape for costuming but instead of exercising in the weekend I had two baths. They were good tho and I'm sure I sweated out some calories due to the intense heat.... or something. Then on Sunday I felt really snacky and made chocolate custard. It was soooo good!

Must go read blogs so that I still have time to prep for my last class of the day.

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