September 30, 2004

Simple things

I am currently happy due to several things.

-The number of comments people have posted about the costume comp. Thanks Jarrat for keeping that up!
-Watching the whole of Haibane Renmei today. Sometimes I wanted to cry. Thanks Svend for watching it all yesterday!
-Pizza. I have eaten alot today. Some was average (Dominoes) some was delicious (made by Regs and her sis yesterday!)
-Sims 2. I bought it last week and played a fair amount yesterday. They only problem is that I have a character on the "Romance" aspiration and when I stop playing I vaguely feel that I should have 10 "boyfriends"... some of them are girls. On plus side Beau has also played it and enjoys it. Hurrah!
-Beau. I saw him today and while he just went upstairs and sneezily played Sims2 while I watched DVDs 2 floors down. I still saw him and that is something!
-Fruits Basket. I love it so. I am happy that I own it and can watch it whenever I want.
-Swimming. Today I did 20 lengths non-stop. Lengths up were freestyle, down were breast-stroke. Will be having more swimming tomorrow
-Spiders aka Ice Cream Sodas. I just thought of them and am now going to go and have one in a large 'beer-mug'. Awesome!

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September 27, 2004

What's surprising is that we WON!

I am still psyched from yesterday when Jenni, Debz, Puggle and I WERE Teen Girl Squad! Altho we looked a bit like crazy 80's goth-punk rockers, what we really were was AWESOME!.... or something.

First thing I would like to say is that our costumes were not the most ... elaborate or beautiful. That prize should go to Pinque's gorgeous Eowyn outfit. So Beautiful. I mean, we weren't even completely hemmed! Plus the make-up we wore was just plain freaky. Especially me. Apparently I looked like a Japanese Horror movie character. Possibly a zombie. Thanks!

I think what got us ahead of others was a combination of annoying Teen Girl Squad voices, a truely hilarious script (all credit to ), leading to a truely hilarious skit (all credit to Matt who did ALL our voices for that) and an attention to certain details. We made our custumes as 2-D as possible, including ridiculous hair. We had blue lines running across our faces and outfits, they are drawn on refill. Puggle, Jenni and Debz had beautiful 2-D turn-out for their legs (I didn't have to, so didn't). In the skit, whenever our character had to speak we just stepped forward and opened our mouths wide while Matt did all the talking. This is accurate as Strongbad does all the voices for the squad on the show.

Anyway, we were surprised to win, but we are thankful. I'm sorry if others felt that they deserved it more than us, maybe you did. Jenni and I are just happy that we finally got some kind of acknowledgement for what is now 3 years (and 4 times) of entering this competition.

I spent my prize money on Anime DVDs. Sooo cheap! I love you madman!

Here is a link to TEEN GIRL SQUAD!!

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September 25, 2004

Full house

My house is full of people. Although they are currently only moving minimally and are quiet.

Tonight is Svend's Party and he has bought much goodies! MUCH!! I was supposed to be on the anime room at Armageddon today, but then I got there and they didn't need me so instead I bout $390 worth of anime! GYAHH! Only $100 was for me *I LOVE Fruits Basket!*. I got FLCL, .Hack//sign (or whateverit is ), Escaflowne and 1st DVD of Azumanga Daioh for Svend. I am to buy more for him tomorrow so welcome any suggestions or favourites.

Pinque helped me with my costume yesterday and has been lovely, but I worry that our house of many crazies is tiring for her. It is for everyone else!

Bean has also been lovely and it is nice having her around also.

Tonight they will both be sleeping in my room so that if the party goes really late (apparently likely) then they can head up there. Also it means all their stuff is out of party areas. Mainly, downstairs.

I must go check that people who don't read my blog actually know that the party is on!

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September 22, 2004

Holidays make me lazy

So far in the holidays I have:
1: gone to napier and back
2: helped a friend buy a car
3: gone back into school and done my register
4: made pants for cosplay
5: gone swimming twice (I got up to 30 lengths today!)
6: bought sims 2 and played for HOURS. it is soo good
7: I also bought a new mouse (so beau will be happy)
8: had beau stay over night.
9: visited Zephfi
10: had Jonno visit
11: have Bean visiting
12: been to singing lessons

I am feeling happy and rested, yet also happy and pleased with the amount of stuff I have done.


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September 19, 2004

Everything that goes up, must come down!

Well, Yesterday at 8am drowninghail (I don't always choose the nicknames!), Dad and I got into the red-van-that-mum-bought and headed north and east. On a mission to rescue Bean from Hawkes Bay.

We stopped near Carterton and visited some Uni friends of Dad who I hadn't seen for years. They have a sheep farm which She mostly runs. He pretty much retired a few years ago, but does some stuff around the farm, a bit of consulting and has started restoring cars. He recently finished a really awesome mini and is starting on a complete Wreck of a Jaguar. They told me stories of visiting Japan and China and also the GE behind modern sheep and grass. Neat!

Next major stop was Dannevirke visiting Dad's cousins and their children. One of my generation recently returned from Russia with wife and baby! Tragically part of the reason they returned was that their baby boy (just one) has cerebral palsy and the facilities in Russia are not as good and in NZ. She is pregnant again and due in a couple of months. You can hardly tell she is pregnant but everything is progressing well with the new baby and they are looking at moving to Nelson where there is a woman who specialises in a type of physio that they are using with their boy. Apparently he is much better since they moved in NZ and started the physio. They have to do it 4 times a day and it is really stressful for them as he gets really upset while it happens. A few minutes after tho and he is happy as can be.

Eventually we reached Napier and drowning hail and I went and stayed with a couple of our Uni friends. She is currently recovering from TERRIBLE tonsilitis and the following tonsilectomy. Apparently it was oozing! Brr! Dad stayed with other friends of his and they seemed to have a good time, a party even! We had indian food and catch-up talk!

The next morning (this morning) we picked Dad up at 8am and drove to fetch Bean from Small Townsville. Piled all of her stuff in the Van then back to Napier for yummy breakfast with aforementioned uni friends who are also Bean's friends from Uni. I had Eggs Benedict except I think it should be called Eggs Florentine as I had Salmon. It was good, but the salmon was incredibly salty.

Then we drove back. Highlights while driving include all the Baby Animals, Daffodils, The Windmill farm and driving on the Devil's Elbow.

We got back to Wellington. I got a fly-by visit with Beau as we then had to drop drowninghail at Airport. We spent the next three hours looking for a car for Bean. ARGH!

I am very tired and not wanting to be in enclosed spaces with people right now. We have other guests over. It will be fine.

I have to get up in the morning and go to school at normal time so that I can do my register and then still have plenty of time to get a real start on sewing my costume. Also hopefully with see Beau tomorrow.

Puggle is being a darling and getting up in the morning tomorrow to go to Jenni and Lee's to get the material for our costumes. Love you!

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September 14, 2004

Guilty Procrastination

Today Sok and I have singing lessons. She is still sick, so unlike me, has an excuse for not practising for the last 2 WEEKS! I still have that sore bit on the left hand side of my throat and last night I stuck my hand in my mouth and I felt it! (weird!) Seems a bit ragged but I didn't actually try feeling the other side of my throat, so I don't know if that is normal or not.

Yesterday I went swimming and swam 20 lengths and that made me feel good. I might try and swim twice a week and see if I can get up to 30 lengths during the holidays. I will hopefully do it 15 non-stop. Then rest and stretch. Then do 15 more. They aren't all full out swimming lengths. Some of them are kick lengths or funny little drill lengths. I'll see if I can get Arabone (or however he spells it) to get organised and force me to get up to 40 lengths. That is 1km. Wa-ah!

I should be going to the gym now. In a minute I will!

All of my students in my class failed one of the papers. Another paper, only 1 passed. This is the same class. I would feel more of a failure if another teacher hadn't said that she'd looked at who was in my class and gone "How does she survive?" They're not so much Bad as kinda disturbed, ill, lazy or a combination of all three. I don't mind them. I just wished they'd passed more. Next term we start with strict seating plan and working... thingies...

Brainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn meltiiiinggg

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September 13, 2004

Things sure have changed since yesterday...

Except in the way they haven't. So, yeah.

Had a neat weekend. Drinks were fun on Friday and Rachel stayed over so I had a big talk with her. We haven't really done that before and it was neat. Saw Beau almost all day on Sat and that was cool. Also got my eyebrows threaded so that they are all nice and tidy.

I really meant to go to the Stonesoup brunch! But then I was running late and when I walked into Olive I didn't recognise anyone (mainy due to not knowing anyone but Jenni and meeting Iona only once before) so i was shy and ran away and visited my aunt and uncle at my Mum's shop and had yummy Thai food.

Then to Jenni's where a bunch of us met up to buy fabric and discuss costumes. Svend said he would run inspectres and cook us a roast for dinner. We played cranium and headed over to my house about 6ish? Svend wasn't even home yet! He did cook us dinner but after we ate it there wasn't time for inspectres.

I drank Yummy mead and I am sure it is helping with the cold holding off-ness.

On Sunday I slept in a bunch and that was lovely, then I just woke up to read trashy novel and after that I took puggle to go visit Mum at her new shop where we had yummy Thai food. Then I went to Mum and Dad's so that Dad could check my car for road-worthiness for a mission to Napier to help Bean with her stuff. He changed my tire for me (Yay! I am soo slack) and then said that he could go with me and we could take one of their cars instead. Neat!

I also put my sheets in their dryer and promptly forgot to take them home. Will have to visit parents tomorrow. I did get a whole bunch of marking done at their place and Bambi (littlest sis) cooked shnitzel for dinner. Mm-mm, meat.

Today is the last day of exams. I will be teaching one class and we will test peanut butter and milk for fat and protein. Yay! Can also probably do glucose and starch test if the kiddies are keen.

Hopefully I shall find some time today to go swimming.

Stay cool!

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September 08, 2004

Worn Out

I don't know why I feel so tired. Currently my workload is pretty light as exam week is on. I'm teaching a max of 2 classes a day. I went to the 'fit pit' after school yesterday and I did go swimming on Monday. Although I was pretty slack at both of them.

I am counting down to the end of term. 1 week and 3 days (including today). 4 of those days are exam days. Today my Y11s are doing their exam and so I will begin marking them this afternoon. I want to try and get as many done as possible by tomorrow afternoon because that is when the Y12s have their exam. I need to have all Y11 done by Monday morning and all Y12 done probably that afternoon. Boo. I will be busy.

This weekend Jenni and I want to start getting our Armageddon costumes organised. I can't give myself too much time for that, unless I have finished my Y11 marking by then. I also need to organise all the students' folders as they need to be accessible for my HOD by Monday also. I'll do that after interval maybe.

I'm also kind of sad because I won't be seeing Beau so much. He needs to get into hardcore study mode, which means if I'm lucky I'll see him one day a week. I'm trying to get him to agree that he will spend (at least )as much awake time with me as he does roleplaying. Now that might seem strange to people who date non-roleplayers, but roleplaying is important to him.

He runs a game (on Wednesdays) and is in a game (on Sundays). He said he might stop running his game until exams are over. So that means he will only play the Sunday game. Which he must spend about 5 hours at. Maybe more or maybe less, I'm not sure exactly how late it runs. So I will hopefully get to spend at least 5 hours, awake, and with him around. The reason I have put the 'awake' clause in is that even if he stays over I might not get to spend much time with him, especially as I normally like to go to bed earlier than him and I also like to get up earlier than him. If one of us is asleep then it does not count as time spent together!

I have relented and said that if he and I are roleplaying in a game together, he can count it as time spent with me. I don't know if he will actually follow this plan. Also, people might be all, "roleplaying isn't that important", but it is the time when he hangs out with his closest friends. I'm not going to try to stop that!

Also, we were talking and if I ever try and ask him to give up roleplaying. I would have to give up the internet! MADNESS!!!

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September 07, 2004

For the needy

Here is a link to photos of Jenni and I in our Angelic Layer costumes. Feel free to praise us and photoMatt on his awesome photographic skills.

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September 05, 2004

the beginning of the golden weather.

My weekend kind of started early this week as I got the last two periods off school to go to Palmerston North for a Bio thing. they did this microscope maintenance lab which was pretty boring but then we had a group dinner and this guy gave a 1 hour talk, (with practical!) on misunderstandings in science and he focussed mainly on ideas to do with diffusion. It was pretty neat and the practical was totally useable in the classroom. Hurrah!

Then MC who is another teacher and I went back to my place and got all 80s upped for an 80s party that another school person was hosting. Beau also came. We didn't get there til about 11pm but it was still neat. After about an hour the school contingent all left for Steamboat to do karaoke. But then none of them really wanted to do karaoke they were mostly too drunk (TOO DRUNK TO KARAOKE!!!!?? yup they were gone!) or something, and all the other ppl singing were lame.

KB was dressed as madonna so I requested Like A Virgin for us to sing as I know it off by heart thanks to singstar. After 30mins (the DJ, or maybe KJ? was really useless and slow) our song came up. KB didn't want to sing she just wanted to get up there and dance and lipsync to me! Anyway when I started singing all these people got up and danced and a couple of other girls tried to glom onto my fame and get on stage and sing with me, but KB took the microphone off them after about two notes saying "You can't sing, she can, just stop". I was a star! I left pretty much straight away after that.

The next day I dropped Beau off at the hospital and then went to his parents house to await Svend. He arrived and gave me foriegn candy! Hurrah! We hung out for a while with his mum and agreed that we would be back for dinner, but that a shower and a nap seemed like a good idea for both of us. Ahhh naps are sooo good. Beau finised early at the hospital and we just hung around at home til like, 8pm when we went and had yummy pumpkin soup with garlic bread at Beau and Svend's parents. Yum! After that we headed off to the SVP and stayed there long enough for me to drink over 3 standard drinks and witness some.... handholding! Trust me! Mega exciting!

Next day I got up and wandered into town and bought some Fin pants and a DVD for Lee. Jenni, can I come over on Monday and give it to him? I also ate lunch ON MY OWN and then wandered over to see if my mum was at her new little food stall. She was! I called Beau to see if he was up and eventually we got organised and saw "the Village". I liked it and was afraid but I am a big wimp. Puggle and Svend came too and I partially spoiled it for puggle by clinging to her and asking her what was happening when I couldn't bear to watch the screen.

Then! Puggle and I went to my parents to wish my Dad a happy Father's Day. They fed us. Hurrah!

Tomorrow I am only teaching one class, and they are having a test, so I shall go swimming. Ooooh yes. I shall go swimming.

Wish me luck!

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September 02, 2004

My relationship with Exercise

From about 4 years of age until the end of my 'free' schooling I took dance classes, up to two times a week. In my 5th and 6th form years I also did some swimming training. This is how I have grown up with exercising. Someone else tells me what to do and it is done in groups. Also there is personal time with stopping and personal critiquing and instructions on how to improve. Gyms do not provide me with this. Unless I maybe some day afford to have a personal trainer, which won't be happening for a while.

I did go to Les Mills for a while and aerobics classes were neat but I get bored on my own with noone to chat to and if noone is watching me, noone is telling me not to slack off and I am just terrible at self-motivation so I passed my membership on to Sass.

Now, I have ONCE gone to the school gym after school. We have a weights and machines room that we can use. I sporadically go to Beau's house and use the treadmill there. That happens more often when i have DVDs I want to watch and will watch on my own. Because I can watch DVDs and treadmill at the same time. The TV reception isn't very good, otherwise I would probably be there more, walking and watching TV.

I think about going on walks outside, but then the weather puts me off. Too hot, too wet, too cold, too late! Bleurgh!

Anyways, I did go to dancing lessons for a while a couple of years ago now and Sass went with me and I went everyweek as had someone to go with. But then we stopped and I moved and she had all this gym stuff to do instead.

At Uni I had a couple of goodish exercising years when I went climbing and to Yoga weekly with a friend who would remind me that we had it. Another year there was a spate of almost daily swimming or gym-ing when Jonno would come to my room in the morning and kick me out of bed. I took that a bit too far tho and got sick and out of the habit and then didn't get back into it.

I talked to a friend, Arab1 yesterday and he has agreed to organise swimming training for me. But I must provide him with a little white board so that he can write the lesson plan on it. Neat. Also he must get shorts. Anyway, Sok and I are going to try this to see if we can do some exercise. Fingers crossed!

I like exercise when I actually get around to doing it! honestly!

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