September 19, 2004

Everything that goes up, must come down!

Well, Yesterday at 8am drowninghail (I don't always choose the nicknames!), Dad and I got into the red-van-that-mum-bought and headed north and east. On a mission to rescue Bean from Hawkes Bay.

We stopped near Carterton and visited some Uni friends of Dad who I hadn't seen for years. They have a sheep farm which She mostly runs. He pretty much retired a few years ago, but does some stuff around the farm, a bit of consulting and has started restoring cars. He recently finished a really awesome mini and is starting on a complete Wreck of a Jaguar. They told me stories of visiting Japan and China and also the GE behind modern sheep and grass. Neat!

Next major stop was Dannevirke visiting Dad's cousins and their children. One of my generation recently returned from Russia with wife and baby! Tragically part of the reason they returned was that their baby boy (just one) has cerebral palsy and the facilities in Russia are not as good and in NZ. She is pregnant again and due in a couple of months. You can hardly tell she is pregnant but everything is progressing well with the new baby and they are looking at moving to Nelson where there is a woman who specialises in a type of physio that they are using with their boy. Apparently he is much better since they moved in NZ and started the physio. They have to do it 4 times a day and it is really stressful for them as he gets really upset while it happens. A few minutes after tho and he is happy as can be.

Eventually we reached Napier and drowning hail and I went and stayed with a couple of our Uni friends. She is currently recovering from TERRIBLE tonsilitis and the following tonsilectomy. Apparently it was oozing! Brr! Dad stayed with other friends of his and they seemed to have a good time, a party even! We had indian food and catch-up talk!

The next morning (this morning) we picked Dad up at 8am and drove to fetch Bean from Small Townsville. Piled all of her stuff in the Van then back to Napier for yummy breakfast with aforementioned uni friends who are also Bean's friends from Uni. I had Eggs Benedict except I think it should be called Eggs Florentine as I had Salmon. It was good, but the salmon was incredibly salty.

Then we drove back. Highlights while driving include all the Baby Animals, Daffodils, The Windmill farm and driving on the Devil's Elbow.

We got back to Wellington. I got a fly-by visit with Beau as we then had to drop drowninghail at Airport. We spent the next three hours looking for a car for Bean. ARGH!

I am very tired and not wanting to be in enclosed spaces with people right now. We have other guests over. It will be fine.

I have to get up in the morning and go to school at normal time so that I can do my register and then still have plenty of time to get a real start on sewing my costume. Also hopefully with see Beau tomorrow.

Puggle is being a darling and getting up in the morning tomorrow to go to Jenni and Lee's to get the material for our costumes. Love you!

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