October 28, 2004

Good Girl

Yesterday I did some good and girlfriend stuff. I cooked Beau dinner and fetched him beer and cuddles and made a delicious chocolate cream cocktail! Yum! He's feeling abit delicate because all he does is study right now and part of the reason that he came over was to practise his 'examinations' on me. He poked my belly quite hard in the "gastro-intestinal" exam. Trying to find the edge of my liver or something. Boo.

It was nice seeing him and Sok's Beau also came over and he cooked Her dinner. I made the cocktails for all. The cocktail lark is thanks to MC who bought me Kahlua duty-free! Unfortunately I think I plied my Beau with a little too much alcohol cause he got a bit tired and silly later in the evening. Still so mice having him around. Unfortunately I didn't sleep as well as would normally due to inability to satisfyingly wrap my duvet all around me. I had to share.

I also found out about Hip Hop lessons for me ($12 on Wed 7pm, Thur 7pm or Sun 10.15am). I'm keen to go again and even got changed to go yesterday but Beau came over instead. I talked to our Sports Coordinator and set in motion the steps for a Hip Hop group for school. There is a girl in Y12 this year (next year she'll be Y13) who will do the actual teaching stuff. I'll just do the organising and go along. Cool!

The students are all crazy. I will only teach my Y12 3 more times and I expect them to be pretty useless for any actual teaching. I have 4 more times for Y11 as I haven't seen them yet today. Y9s are turning into evil Y10s and Y10s are freaking out because they have Y10 exams next week! ARGH! or something.

Today I go to the library which means lots of neopets. Good. I should be doing something either exercisy or worky now. I did talk to another workmate who I don't normally talk much with and that was really good. Not that we talked about work much.

I tried to explain to my Y9s about how people used to believe the world was flat, then round but at the centre of universe with sun revolving around, then what current theory it. I tried to explain about the current flat earth and Moon hoax consipiracy theories, but they refused to understand anything apart from common knowledge now. They found it hard to believe that people don't believe the common knowledge. I tried to explain that everything we are told on TV or by our teachers, peers, parents may not be true.

In many ways they are worse than people would have been ~ 400 yrs ago when Copernicus tried to convince people that the Earth revolves around the sun. Many burnings at the stake followed.

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October 25, 2004

Making a Stand by going on a Walk

On Saturday I went on the Anti-Racism march. I walked with Morgue's Mum from Te Papa to Government and as a whole it was pretty peaceful. A couple of people tried to get chants going but they weren't really that successful. I will admit that I didn't help them.

When I arrived at Te Papa there was a smallish crowd but by 12.30 it had enlarged and on the walk to Government I believe even more people were picked up. It was neat. When I got to Government I bumped into an old friend of the Patch, Red Rain, and we chatted. He was meant to go to a party I'd been at last week but had injured himself helping someone move house. It was neat and kind of random seeing him and catching up with him as while we hung out a bit in highschool (a leeetle while ago now) I hadn't seen him for several years. He walked with me back to town and even joined me as I visited Lush.

On the way back home I also saw Iona and the love turtle.

I'm glad I went to the march. I nearly didn't because I was running a bit late and thought maybe I couldn't be bothered (such a slacker!!!) but I did and it was good.

Also on Sat went to a gathering at Chelle's and twas good with much bean farming (fun card game).

On Sun.
Puggle, Svend, Beau and I went up to Foxton with the primary motivation of visiting Beau and Svend's ailing Grandma. Before we left I went to Mum's Wakefield Market store and got us supplies, sticky rice, chicken and tasty sausages. Also got some snacky presents for Grandma, pork rinds!, Jaffa cakes (from coolbritannia) and a thai Jelly-like dessert. On way up to Foxton we stopped to visit Muggle's and My Aunt and Uncle in Waiterere and that is where we ate our lunch, then on to Foxton. Grandma was alert and perky but stayed rested in chair for majority of visit. She enjoyed the snacks though, particularly the Jaffa cakes.

On way back dropped Beau off just in time to catch train and then we bumbled (hehe) to Matt and Debz where we played Uno and Cranium. We were kept well fed while we were there and also well ... ah... they gave us many tasty drinks. We also watched at rather bizarre musical.

Today I have had waffles and Beau's parents and there are vague shoe shopping plans. Hope everyone else has had a good long weekend.

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October 21, 2004

Happiness Runs in a Circular Motion

Last year I spent a month in Motueka on a teaching section. In case you don't know the place it is a town a little over an hours drive from Nelson at the top of the South Island. It is a really beautiful place!

I stayed there with my Auntie at Riverside Community. That area of NZ almost breeds Communes and Riverside is probably the oldest and one of the most well-known communes in NZ. It was founded by conscientious objecters after 2nd world war was over. I think it was all dreamed up while they were in prison together. My Grandpa was a conscientious objecter also and while he wasn't one of the founders, he was a friend and so my family has had links with the community even before my Auntie joined it.

My father also spent decent amounts of time there in his youth helping out with the orcharding and later building a sewage treatment plant.

It is quite a commercial commune and has a large area of land. It is a dairy farm but I believe it's main money earner is Apples.

People live in seperate houses and don't have shared meals every day but they do have a shared meal in the hall every second Saturday (non-compulsory but fun!) and on the other Saturday someone will have a pot-luck dinner at their house. It's generally rostered around.

Riverside also has a cafe! It is really beautiful with gorgeous copper worked sculptures displayed on the inside. The hot chocolate wasn't that great but it was worth it for the atmosphere.

My Auntie lives there and raised her family there and our family would go there for holidays. It was soo neat! At Christmas time they have a 'pageant' and put on a Nativity Play with carol singing and so on. When I was there last year I got to take part in the mid-winter solstice celebration which involved a spiral path of candles and walking through it from youngest to oldest adding to the path. The candle holders were... apples!

The weather is fabulous there and on mid-winter day I went to the orchard and picked apples. I also picked some chillis, feijoas and mandarins that day. The frosts on the cold nights were fierce and when I went to my car in the morning I actually got to see those fern shapes made of ice.

The title of my post is from a song I learned at Riverside one school holiday some years ago.

Happiness runs in a circular motion
Life is like a little boat upon the sea
Everybody's just a part of everything anyway
You can be happy if you let yourself be.

Na na na na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na na


It's a three part round!

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October 18, 2004

The Horror of last week

Last week I was pretty unhappy, tired, ill and grumpy. Lucky for Beau he was out of the city! Sokky was also stressed due to Essay and so our house was probably not the most welcoming, and we even had a (lovely) guest!

Last week I was still recovering from illness. I still am. It is mostly just a horrific sounding cough. My normal way to end a bout of sickness.

Last week my form class was on litter duty. I had to chase after them every lunchtime and also remind them every formtime that we had to do it. Lame 3rd formers turning into 4th formers!

Last week the BP Technology challenge was on and I was in charge so for the past two weeks we have been meeting up at lunchtime and trying to make devices that will: seperate 140g of smarties into 3 equal bags; the smarties must travel over a meter; the bagged smarties must be at least 50 cm off the ground; it must be constructed in 20 mins!
On the Friday I took 2 teams to another school to compete. WE WON! Both teams!

Because I was out taking the teams to compete I had to also prepare two lessons!

Last week the Senior reports were due in and I had to write over 50.

Last week ERO visited and watched me only 2 times, but I thought it was going to be a lot more and there was never any advance warning so I had to lug all my paper work to all my lessons on the off chance they wanted to see it.

Last week my Beau was in another city and I hardly got to see him.

Last week I didn't go to singing or swimming because I didn't want to get more sick.

Hopefully this week will be better. I even bought my togs today and am hoping to get some lengths (probably back down to 20!) done at lunch. I also have to mark Y9 tests tho. Boo.

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October 10, 2004

The end is nigh - my 100th post!

ERO are coming to my school this coming week. I was pretty much fine about it, as well, they were probably not going to be seeing any of my classes in particular, they were more likely to focus on PRT2s as the ministry just released a report about them.

But, apparently the team told the school they want to focus and follow a whole department, and the Science Department was the one selected. This means that it is actually quite likely that I will be visited at least 4 times in the next week. FOUR TIMES??? One for each of my classes apparently.

Now, I wouldn't mind too much if they actually stayed and discussed with me how my class went. But they won't. If they have any problems with it they will go to my HOD and if things went well, they will also go to my HOD. So basically I get nothing out of it. I'm kinda freaked out that they will all be people who have been out of the classroom so long that they won't remember what kids are like. That they'll see my kids chatting to one another and be all "UNABLE TO CONTROL THE CLASS!!"

Also, senior reports are due in this week and I am STILL getting over my cold. Yuck!

On the plus side, because ERO are coming and we will be having a whole school assembly, I will only be teaching 2 classes on Monday and one of them is an assessment. Awesome!

Beau has been away in Gisbourne on a Pediatrics in the community Section ( or something) but he came back this weekend for his sister's 30th. He's only been away since last Sunday and he'll be coming back on Friday, but I think I really shouldn't be spending much time with him as he has exams coming up. MANY of them!

I've also semi-committed to do some marking. It is for Y13 stuff tho and I haven't taught Y13 this year so it might be too hard for me.. or something. Anyway it would mean an extra $3000 for 2-3 weeks work, so I probably Will do it. Money is always handy, especially if one is planning on a 2 week holiday in Japan. Plus... Christmas coming up!

I've decided that I will do a Y12 Japanese course through the correspondance school. I have already contacted them about it and found out that I can start even now if I want, and it is $80.

I told a few people about it yesterday andPhreq didn't really get why I was paying for a course, she thought I'd be better to save my money and organise an online penfriend to practise with. I couldn't get it out at the time, but that wouldn't work for me. I have tried learning Thai casually with friends and family but it didn't work. I do know more Thai, but I still have no clue for reading and writing, so with all the support I had with Thai I still wasn't getting the right info.

Also, Japanese, like Thai, is a tonal language (altho I don't know if it is to the same extent that Thai is), I really need to have things I can listen to if I want to speak it at all properly. Not to mention the whole madness that are the Japanese alphabets.

Anyway, I think online penfriends will be a good idea for me when I have some actual vocab to try out, but right now I need the structure and base that a course will give me. Sok said that I just wanted someone to tell me when I was doing well. It is true that I do, but not just for learning Japanese ;)

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October 06, 2004

Closer to Healthy

I went to school today and people kept asking me if I should actually be there. By lunchtime that had mostly worn off and some people said I was looking better than this morning. Hurrah!

I'm quite excited about school right now. There are only 4 and a bit weeks until the 'seniors' are GONE!! and then only 4 more weeks after that (dance dance dance).

That isn't why I'm excited. That is just a happy side note.

I am excited because my fourth formers are doing GENETICS AND HUMAN REPRODUCTION!!! Finally I get to teach the favourite stuff I did in my anatomy degree. I did 200 and 300 level papers in Human Reproduction and Development and I LOVED THEM! Soo cool. I mean I get to teach pleb Bio and Chem all the time, but somehow not as cool as it is going to be telling them about retrograde ejaculation! Bwahahahaha! They are also quite excited because "...hehe....sex...hehe..." and we get to do PUBERTY as well. Unless they get pulled out of it. I don't think anyone in my classes parents are going to do that. I've already had students ask me if they get to have a Question Box. Awesome! I have quite a good rapport with my little (altho some seem to have grown since last term) fourth formers. I just know they are going to ask the best (worst?) questions and I will finally get to use my TCol Health training also.

First we are doing Genetics tho. Which I am also doing with my Y11s. Should go write some notes now... or eat something... or have a nap... still a bit sick.

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October 05, 2004

Still Sickly

Have been grumpy and ungracious. Much apologies to my flatmates and my Boyfriend who had to leave the city to avoid me... or to go on a pediatrics run, whatever.

Jen is Here! That is a highlight!

Other highlights include not throwing up for over 24 hours!

I am on the mend!

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October 03, 2004


I am sick. It is terrible. I didn't even get to go role-playing. Now I am desperately trying to organise relief so that I don't have to go to school tomorrow. Boo!

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