November 29, 2004

Un-mysterious Aches

Well Yesterday a group of 10 people ganged up and tackled the Rimutaka Rail Trail aka the Rimutaka Incline walk. It's a nice walk, some cool scenery, it's not very steep, a pretty gentle incline, at least from the direction we walked. BUT!!! It is pretty long, 17km.

We started out late due to various reasons (including a flattened tire), so only started walking at about quarter to 2, when we had wanted to start at 1. We made pretty good time though. Most people were feeling tired by the end and after sitting in a car, my legs had found some handy joints to cause me jip! (jyp, gyp?).

People had brought extra's, so there was more people than expected and we had to take two cars. However, at the end we were all pretty happy and there are vague plans to do Butterfly creek on the 12th.

I was soo tired when I got home, managed to grab dinner and stumble into bath. Then dragged myself into bed and practically had to force myself to stay awake enough to read some Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. It is a big heavy book.

Off to eat Mango.

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November 24, 2004

Yesterday ~ All my troubles seemed so far away.

Now I need a place to hideaway, I wish I'd finished my reports, before today.. mm-mm-mm-mm- Yesterday.

A-nyhoo, yesterday went on a date with Beau. We saw Hero at the Embassy and he was nice to the ticket person wishing them a happy day, so they upgraded us to Platinum seating for free. Hurrah.

It was very pretty. I liked all the colourfulness. Pretty, pretty plus neat martial arts action. Also fun changing the story.

We then had a late and extremely fast dinner at Catch, that Sushi place. It was fast due to the sushi whizzing round about making you feel like you too had to be quick. Plus I wanted to watch the "Sex and the City" thing. I liked the dinner, decent price and decent Sushi. neat. I had Green Tea Ice-cream for dessert and Beau had Tempura Banana. We were both pretty happy.

Watched the SatC special. It was average. Rather than watching them reminisce about the show I would have liked to be watching episodes of the show. Especially as I have missed some. Might have to see if I can buy it on DVD.

Anyway, I should be finishing off my reports now. Instead I shall email them to myself and go home!

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November 22, 2004

Still Slack

Just realised my last entry was my eleventy-first! Should have made a bigger deal and/or noticed it.

Still didn't do much "activity" during the weekend but the plans are laid to do the Rimutaka Railway walk.

Did do lots of other stuff though. On Friday had drinks with ppl at Mercury, then had a work BBQ, then back into town for Dancing. Town was pretty dead on Friday night. Didn't dance for long. However did walk into town and back again so that is something?

On Saturday spent all morning and midday in bed. Difficult to wake up! I'm not used to staying out 'til 2ish. Then mucked around making ambrosia for TURKEY dinner!

Jenni and Lee had said they would cook me a turkey dinner for my birthday (late March) and they did! It was delicious. Had available flatmates, plus Zeph there. Jenni said she had been hoping it would be her first proper dinner-party. But we were all too silly (especially me, I was too picky at the salad) beforehand. It was a good effort and fooled me tho. ;)

All of Saturday was focussed on the BBQ at our place. Many turned up. Many were fed and quite a few were still there when I went to bed!

The highlights for BBQ included:
actually getting the BBQ to our place (who knew my car could fit soo much?),
all the meat (some people brought none, some brought enough for a whole family),
all the people (not all the people we invited, thank goodness!),
taking over the complex (the gazebo was very popular)

Please add your own if you attended.

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November 18, 2004

A message from my Dad

So, my Dad emailed me the following and I am actually keen.
Anyone else?
The "Folly" is a Van in case you are wondering.

Just checking certain blogs

too much on lunch and sedentary games

I propose physical activity days. I am prepared to organise and facilitate.

programme proposed includes:

1. Walk the Rimutaka railway (need torches)

2. Wellington City Southern walkway

3. Barbeque at the Orongorongo river

4. To be announced, but certainly will include steep mountains.

Can use the "Folly" for transport.
Rain sun or shine.

Ok.. which date do we start?

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November 15, 2004

Normal Nonsense

Weekend was full of stuff. Friday had drinks at Mercury and a surprising Phreq turned up! Awesome.

Beau turned up and we bought a he passed his exams celebratory dinner from Monsoon Poon. We didn't want to wait so we got take-away and it came in those little noodle-boxes, just like on TV! Awesome.

Matt and Debz came over later that night and we played Beanie. It was their first time ever! Vibribbon was also played. Tiddly people turned up and it was a v.full flat! Awesome.

Saturday we got up and ate too much (or just enough) at Yum Cha. Then walking back home and went into Briscoes and I bought electronic scales. I weigh too much :( Had a nap and drove to M & J's via the supermarket. Played games such as Bean trader, Clay Mania and Apples to Apples. Had Hell for dinner. I didn't miserably lose at all the games! Awesome.

Sunday woke up early and did laundry, washed dishes, emptied dishwasher and then drove Beau to pray for his sins. I meant to go to on the treadmill but instead played neopets. Went home and did more laundry (took in the first batch as it was dry) then drove to Matt and Debz. Beau fell asleep in the car. On "the way" we went to Lindale and bought ice-cream, cheese, crackers and candy! Awesome.

Got to their place, played MORE games, Incognito and Beanie. Watched "Greg the Bunny" and ate yummy enchiladas! Awesome.

Drove back home, had a superfast change (I just rolled my pants down, but Beau had a shower) and headed to Kelburn for Yeshi's engagement party. It was crowded and I felt a bit out of place for a while but then started talking to Tap and had a good time. Apparently pizza was tasty but I was still full of enchiladas! Awesome.

Went home taking Sok with us and talked about various thought on the lyrics to Black-Eyed Peas "Hey Mama". Then listed to Black-Eyed Peas and danced around. Then played Vibribbon to Black-Eyed Peas. It might be a PS2 game that I am better than Beau at! Awesome.

All weekend Beau was with me. I love him so. Awesome.

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November 10, 2004

Today was Neat but Not Tidy!

Today I went with my form class (of whom I only teach 3) to a marae. There were other classes and teachers also, I just went along for the ride really. Anyway it was neat. There were Kapa Haka performances, poi making, flax-flowers and taiaha lessons (for those who say boys only don't you forget about those Ngati Porou women!) and , of course, HANGI! There was some delicious fried bread too. Sooo cool.

They stayed for the afternoon but I left after lunch 'cause I had a class to teach.

I was walking into school and was accosted by a screeching 4th former. Apparently because they hadn't seen me in the morning, they had thought I wasn't going to be at school and were freaking out. You see, for my class with them last period today I organised for a parent to bring her 8 month old twin girls. They were really excited about it.

I kept going into school but more Y10s accosted me, apparently, just to tell me that they had an ipod? (so?) and then about a group of 6 (at least 2 of whom I don't teach) started asking me if they could be in my fifth form class next year. I have no say in the matter and told them.

There are (apparently) at least 2 parents who will be writing letters requesting that their children are in my class. So strange.

Time passed and it was finally last period. We started with going over one of their exam papers, had time for a little recap on how twins happen and the two types, then they arrived.... SOOOO CUTE!

They were so well-behaved and the coolest thing is that the Mum had pictures of their blastocysts (like embryo but more like a bundle of cells) because they were IVF. She also brought ultra-sound so that you could see them in their seperate amniotic sacs. Sooo cool! They were really well behaved and my class loved them.

Madness ensued as the class next-door also wanted to see them so they joined my class. Another teacher had heard about the babies so dropped in. Beau arrived to pick me up and meet my class (there was much squealing and plotting of a wedding when he arrived during baby-question time, including (to Beau) When are you getting married?)

Then they all left and I had to have an hour long staff meeting. Beau wandered around school waiting for me and ended up talking to the DP for a while. She said the school liked me. Good.

Tired now, also hungry, I think I smell cocktail samosas!

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November 08, 2004

Happy Birthday Tia

Today is the day a lovely red headed lass turns 1/4 of a century. She is far from NZ, but probably close to a computer.

Love and presents are headed your way!

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November 04, 2004

New Life

My friend Jexia gave birth to her first baby yesterday... and has already blogged about it! Awesome. People are wondering how long it will take for the boy to get his own blog.

Yay for babies!

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November 03, 2004

Funny Toys

Today I went to Queensgate at Lunch and while there I went to some gift store that has those beanie-kidz toys. There were many bears dressed as things. Highlights include the bear dressed as an elephant (With TRUMPET stitcged across his chest) and the bear dressed as a monkey (banana). There was also a very frilly looking Bunny-bear.


They are cool. I've also seen a penguin-bear and a horse-bear before. Not to mention the awesome one that Matt and Debz gave me, Pinchy the Lobster-Bear!

I might have been compelled to buy one for them in return today..... but when will they visit to find out if I was?

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November 01, 2004

Something akin to Sadness

Beau and Svend's Grandma died yesterday. Maybe I should say "passed away", but I don't think it evokes as much emotion as "died" and she deserves that extra bit of feeling.

Beau had an exam on Saturday and his family had all driven up to see her before he had finished it. I had said I would take him up and I am glad that I did. We went and visited her at their uncle's house and the place was brimming with family members. Beau and Svend are 2 of 7 children alone and their Grandma had 5 children, who had children and some of them even had children.

So much family that Beau didn't dare introduce me as he didn't know all the names.

We didn't spend much time there but it was good to see her. On the way back, Beau realised that he hadn't actually told her that he loved her, so he texted his Mum to ensure that the message was passed on. It was.

I won't be able to make it to the funeral on Wednesday, but I will be attending the Rosary on Tuesday night. It means that I miss out on the Senior Prizegiving, but as the Deputy Principal said, How many of those will I end up attending? Alot.

Anyway, I am glad that I can be here for Beau , especially as he is currently doing exams. I hope I am being supportive for Svend, but I fear I might be grating.


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