December 24, 2004

Naturally, a Christmas Post

Christmas Day is a day where I normally get to see family. There have been christmases where I only saw siblings ( a couple of years ago only Puggle, K and I were at home) or last Christmas in Thailand where Beau and I were the only ones who habitually celebrated it in the house. Still, it is more a time for seeing and celebrating family and love (via the gift giving, recieving and massive amounts of food) than a time for remembering Christ.

Even when I sang in a church choir and my Methodist Grandparents were alive, christmas is more about a time of expressing our love for one another.

This Christmas I shall once again be taking part in A-------n Christmas, with Beau and Svend and their Dad's side of the family. It is neat for me to be accepted as part of that family too. On the 27th I shall be included in further extended family christmas stuff with Beau's Maternal side of the family. I'll get at least 3 Christmas "dinner's".

I kind of wish that Beau was free to join me in my family christmas stuff, but I suspect that he will always want to spend Christmas day with his family, even if we end up staying together for ever I think that will always be true. I spoke about it once with his sister-in-law and I think she kind of wished that his brother would be more keen to have Christmas with just her or with her family. I am not too fussed about it. I know how important it is to him. His family make a big and fabulous deal out of it and I know that my family are cool with moving things around.

Also last Christmas he spent with me away from his family and that was a big deal. I know I'm already blessed there!

We are having an extended family christmas this year. Tomorrow my parents and siblings and I will meet up at the family home for gift swapping and changing. Then we will drive up the coast to spend time with my Uncle's family including two cousins who have been oversea's for the past few years and they have brought back their boyfriend's! I will hopefully be picked up by Beau's family on the 27th and then get back to Wgtn that night, or maybe the next. Either way it is all fun and awesome.

Love to all. I know that Christmas can be painful or that other things in life are painful and "silly season" isn't helping. I hope that you realise I think of you and wish the best for you and your families.

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December 18, 2004

Home away from home

I'm currently house-sitting for a co-worker of mine and Beau is with me. I am loving having him around all to myself, because I am greedy! Hurrah!

Currently we are busy as have 2 guests staying with us from Australia. I know them from Otago. It is neat but the weather is terrible. Luckily the house we are staying at has a fire and we have been spending much lovely time in front of it! Delightful.

There is a friendly cat, Jade, who we are keeping company. Unfortunately Jade likes company early in the morning.

Last week she woke Beau and I up by miaowing loudly outside our room and batting at the door... at 5am. I blearily got up and followed her around a bit. She had food and water in her bowl. She has a catflap. I ended up opening the front door for her anyway and she happily went out it and stopped bothering us.... SHE HAS HER OWN LITTLE DOOR!!

Anywho, she basically repeated this with Nixie and Trithemius, our two visitors, this morning. It was only 7am this time, but since they only just came over from Aus it was still 5am to them... how does she know??? ANyway this time I opened the door for her to come in to stop the whinging.

My run of badluck continues and today while getting out of a park in evil Karori mall underground carparking. I dented my car against a pillar. Grr. Also still missing those clothes. On the plus side, the new jeans I bought are definitely too big. Awesome


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December 15, 2004

lacking in clothes

well, yesterday while moving stuff to go house-sitting, I managed to lose a backetload of dirty washing. AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGHGHGHGHGHGH!! I have been freaking out about it all day. I NEED these clothes. They're not expensive, mostly undies and t-shirts, but they are the clothes I wear EveryDay!

I've almost cried about it several times so far. I have searched and roped others in to search for them. The only thing I can think is that I must have put them on top of my car rather than in it and they fell off to their doom. Things like this seem to happen to me too often! Why am I so useless? Why didn't Beau notice?

So either that or I put them on Svend's car and ditto with the falling off and running away, because they are not in My flat or at the house I am house-sitting at, nor are they in my car. They are well and truly gone.

I had made a promise to myself that I would not go clothes shopping until I had reached at least 75kg. I am still over that, but I need these clothes too badly. Still I resolve to buy only the necessary and nothing for the fun and joy. Plus I am still hating clothes shopping due to the sizes I am purchasing.


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December 14, 2004

Yay for Yesterday!

Yesterday I took my "nephew" (cousin's son rather than sister's) to Chipmunks with my friends daughter. So cute watching the 2 year olds warily circling round one another, unsure how to proceed. Billy, (My neph) is sooo good. He's only two but he can go to the toilet on his own. Well, he needs some help washing hands etc, but this is mostly 'cause he can't reach the majority of basins. I also took him round to visit some of his "grandma's'", namely my Mum and Aunty. He really enjoyed that and spend about half an hour staring into a pond at my parents' waiting for a fish to come out.

In the evening, after I had taken Billy back home, I went with Sass and HP to watch Ella Enchanted. It is Awesome! It's quite different from the book but still uber-good in sooo many ways! One thing I didn't like was that singing with more "soul" means undoing your hair??? One thing I LOVED was Cary Elwes being completely over-the-top EVIL! Soo Awesome.

I wish I was Anne Hathaway.

Today Mugglepuggle and I took Billy out on another Trip, to the Zoo this time. He liked the various animals, but his highlights were the HUGE fish in the moat around the chimpanzee's, various ducks, getting given an elephant toy (not that we saw an elephant) and getting an ice-block. Can't take him out tomorrow as I shall be working. Boo, but money is Yay!


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December 13, 2004

Less Wibble Wobble

Am supposed to be on holiday but last week I worked 32 hours for my cousin's husband. He owns a catering business and since christmas is coming they have had an increase in functions. Good to have extra money for presents tho. Have been tired and confused about days of the week as worked Saturday.

Ema's party was fun. Beau is such a sweetie and must have spent about an hour playing tag with other people's children (not that we have any so they are ALL other people's). I tried to play but there was one little boy who would not stop chasing me. Even when I was "it". Madness. I ate too many strawberries. Soo delicious.

Yesterday (Sunday) I was supposed to go to movies but didn't make it. My dad had once again organised a walk. Butterfly creek this time. He counted and about 16 people came. Including a family with a baby. BC is heaps steeper than Rimutaka Incline but not as long. Also beech forest is incredibly beautiful.

I had been under the impression that we were just walking to picnic area and then back out again 45 min each way. But NO! Dad asked me why I would spoil it by putting a time limit. The same Dad who said that the walked were only supposed to take up part of the day so that they weren't inconvinient.

ANYWAY. We walked further than I expected but it was lovely. Bubbly was had with lunch in plastic champagne flutes. Awesome! On the way home we stopped at Chocolate Days for Ice-cream. Yum!

I also picked up some tupperware I had ordered, but some of it is missing. Boo. In my mystery gift I got a garlic press and a jelly mould and a couple of other things. Yay!

When I got home I was tired but not as tired as last time when I could barely crawl to the bath. I managed to do the dishes before I sedately walked to the bath.

Must go, am taking my cousins little boy (2) on play date with my friend's little girl (23 months). We're going to Chipmunks! Hurrah!

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December 07, 2004

Change of plans

Well I had this vagueish plan to go to Chch this week. Visit a bunch of people and play with a baby. BUT this is not to be. Why????

1. I hadn't done my register for school, so had to go back to school yesterday and do that.

2. My cars WOF needs doing by this weekend so shall be attending to that today.

3. Also need to pay for its registration!

4. Am doing house sitting for a workmate of mine (They have a cat who likes affection. I don't even have to feed it, they've paid someone else to do that!). They are leaving on Thurs and need me to be around to tell important info to.

5. My Mum only got back from Thailand last night and I had to go and visit her. She got food poisoning over there and has come back talking about getting some plastic surgery done... don't ask me how that links together

6. I got a holiday job working for some Family. Worked Sunday for them and will be working Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat also.

7. I still haven't cleared my desk at school. That Must be Done so that cleaners may clean it.

8. I'm kinda tired. Yesterday went to school to do register also went shopping. Have new rules. No more clothes shopping until I lose some kilos. No more eating dinner after 8pm. That is too late and silly!

9. Christmas present shopping!! Argh! I must do some!

10. Am a slacker and want to spend at least one day lazing around in my pajamas. Ok, change one to ten. ;)

On a different tack...

The end of year function was AWESOME. Delicious food and gorgeous setting. We had $5 gift exchange and I got 1kg of choc-strawberry hearts. Awesome!

Also I got presents from several students. I've opened one and it was glass candle holders. V.pretty. Plus would have cost her a fair amount. Can't believe a 15 yr old would care/spend so much on a teacher! I must have actually touched some lives! Bizarre.

Singstar 2 is going well, I have decided to lend it to Jenni for a little while.

The scarf I knitted went down well and now I am knitting my second scarf, a pink one for my friend's daughter. She's turning 2 this month. Sooo cute!

Don't know what else to write. I might be on holiday but I'm keeping busy.

Oh! Must go hang up laundry!

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December 01, 2004

Joyful Joyful Sony We Adore Thee!

Hurrah! Only 2 days of school to go. I will only be "teaching" 2 more classes, but we (I and some other teachers glomming onto my success) will be having Singstar based lessons for the rest of the term. Tomorrow 1st lesson is a massive 4 classes sitting in one big room and playing singstar. First it was just my class, then 2 other teachers said PLEASE, then the HOD informed me today that her class would be joining us. AWESOME! Might have to see if we can hook up a projector.. but speakers... hmmm.

My 3rds have been really slack and are supposed to have posters to hand in. Note I said supposed to! I hope they do have them ready tomorrow. Otherwise I shall have to growl at them instead of playing Singstar. Boo.

Afternoon will be boring tomorrow as is taken up by Junior prizegiving. Wah.

On Friday all we have is Formtime, then liturgy. That is it. Before that I am going to a champagne breakfast and after that we have extended morning tea and then we are bussed to the staff end of year function. I will not be driving. I will be drinking. Feel free to try and find me in the evening. I may be pretty trollied though.

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