December 13, 2004

Less Wibble Wobble

Am supposed to be on holiday but last week I worked 32 hours for my cousin's husband. He owns a catering business and since christmas is coming they have had an increase in functions. Good to have extra money for presents tho. Have been tired and confused about days of the week as worked Saturday.

Ema's party was fun. Beau is such a sweetie and must have spent about an hour playing tag with other people's children (not that we have any so they are ALL other people's). I tried to play but there was one little boy who would not stop chasing me. Even when I was "it". Madness. I ate too many strawberries. Soo delicious.

Yesterday (Sunday) I was supposed to go to movies but didn't make it. My dad had once again organised a walk. Butterfly creek this time. He counted and about 16 people came. Including a family with a baby. BC is heaps steeper than Rimutaka Incline but not as long. Also beech forest is incredibly beautiful.

I had been under the impression that we were just walking to picnic area and then back out again 45 min each way. But NO! Dad asked me why I would spoil it by putting a time limit. The same Dad who said that the walked were only supposed to take up part of the day so that they weren't inconvinient.

ANYWAY. We walked further than I expected but it was lovely. Bubbly was had with lunch in plastic champagne flutes. Awesome! On the way home we stopped at Chocolate Days for Ice-cream. Yum!

I also picked up some tupperware I had ordered, but some of it is missing. Boo. In my mystery gift I got a garlic press and a jelly mould and a couple of other things. Yay!

When I got home I was tired but not as tired as last time when I could barely crawl to the bath. I managed to do the dishes before I sedately walked to the bath.

Must go, am taking my cousins little boy (2) on play date with my friend's little girl (23 months). We're going to Chipmunks! Hurrah!

Posted by giffy at December 13, 2004 07:46 AM