December 07, 2004

Change of plans

Well I had this vagueish plan to go to Chch this week. Visit a bunch of people and play with a baby. BUT this is not to be. Why????

1. I hadn't done my register for school, so had to go back to school yesterday and do that.

2. My cars WOF needs doing by this weekend so shall be attending to that today.

3. Also need to pay for its registration!

4. Am doing house sitting for a workmate of mine (They have a cat who likes affection. I don't even have to feed it, they've paid someone else to do that!). They are leaving on Thurs and need me to be around to tell important info to.

5. My Mum only got back from Thailand last night and I had to go and visit her. She got food poisoning over there and has come back talking about getting some plastic surgery done... don't ask me how that links together

6. I got a holiday job working for some Family. Worked Sunday for them and will be working Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat also.

7. I still haven't cleared my desk at school. That Must be Done so that cleaners may clean it.

8. I'm kinda tired. Yesterday went to school to do register also went shopping. Have new rules. No more clothes shopping until I lose some kilos. No more eating dinner after 8pm. That is too late and silly!

9. Christmas present shopping!! Argh! I must do some!

10. Am a slacker and want to spend at least one day lazing around in my pajamas. Ok, change one to ten. ;)

On a different tack...

The end of year function was AWESOME. Delicious food and gorgeous setting. We had $5 gift exchange and I got 1kg of choc-strawberry hearts. Awesome!

Also I got presents from several students. I've opened one and it was glass candle holders. V.pretty. Plus would have cost her a fair amount. Can't believe a 15 yr old would care/spend so much on a teacher! I must have actually touched some lives! Bizarre.

Singstar 2 is going well, I have decided to lend it to Jenni for a little while.

The scarf I knitted went down well and now I am knitting my second scarf, a pink one for my friend's daughter. She's turning 2 this month. Sooo cute!

Don't know what else to write. I might be on holiday but I'm keeping busy.

Oh! Must go hang up laundry!

Posted by giffy at December 7, 2004 07:51 AM