December 01, 2004

Joyful Joyful Sony We Adore Thee!

Hurrah! Only 2 days of school to go. I will only be "teaching" 2 more classes, but we (I and some other teachers glomming onto my success) will be having Singstar based lessons for the rest of the term. Tomorrow 1st lesson is a massive 4 classes sitting in one big room and playing singstar. First it was just my class, then 2 other teachers said PLEASE, then the HOD informed me today that her class would be joining us. AWESOME! Might have to see if we can hook up a projector.. but speakers... hmmm.

My 3rds have been really slack and are supposed to have posters to hand in. Note I said supposed to! I hope they do have them ready tomorrow. Otherwise I shall have to growl at them instead of playing Singstar. Boo.

Afternoon will be boring tomorrow as is taken up by Junior prizegiving. Wah.

On Friday all we have is Formtime, then liturgy. That is it. Before that I am going to a champagne breakfast and after that we have extended morning tea and then we are bussed to the staff end of year function. I will not be driving. I will be drinking. Feel free to try and find me in the evening. I may be pretty trollied though.

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