November 29, 2004

Un-mysterious Aches

Well Yesterday a group of 10 people ganged up and tackled the Rimutaka Rail Trail aka the Rimutaka Incline walk. It's a nice walk, some cool scenery, it's not very steep, a pretty gentle incline, at least from the direction we walked. BUT!!! It is pretty long, 17km.

We started out late due to various reasons (including a flattened tire), so only started walking at about quarter to 2, when we had wanted to start at 1. We made pretty good time though. Most people were feeling tired by the end and after sitting in a car, my legs had found some handy joints to cause me jip! (jyp, gyp?).

People had brought extra's, so there was more people than expected and we had to take two cars. However, at the end we were all pretty happy and there are vague plans to do Butterfly creek on the 12th.

I was soo tired when I got home, managed to grab dinner and stumble into bath. Then dragged myself into bed and practically had to force myself to stay awake enough to read some Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. It is a big heavy book.

Off to eat Mango.

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