December 14, 2004

Yay for Yesterday!

Yesterday I took my "nephew" (cousin's son rather than sister's) to Chipmunks with my friends daughter. So cute watching the 2 year olds warily circling round one another, unsure how to proceed. Billy, (My neph) is sooo good. He's only two but he can go to the toilet on his own. Well, he needs some help washing hands etc, but this is mostly 'cause he can't reach the majority of basins. I also took him round to visit some of his "grandma's'", namely my Mum and Aunty. He really enjoyed that and spend about half an hour staring into a pond at my parents' waiting for a fish to come out.

In the evening, after I had taken Billy back home, I went with Sass and HP to watch Ella Enchanted. It is Awesome! It's quite different from the book but still uber-good in sooo many ways! One thing I didn't like was that singing with more "soul" means undoing your hair??? One thing I LOVED was Cary Elwes being completely over-the-top EVIL! Soo Awesome.

I wish I was Anne Hathaway.

Today Mugglepuggle and I took Billy out on another Trip, to the Zoo this time. He liked the various animals, but his highlights were the HUGE fish in the moat around the chimpanzee's, various ducks, getting given an elephant toy (not that we saw an elephant) and getting an ice-block. Can't take him out tomorrow as I shall be working. Boo, but money is Yay!


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