December 15, 2004

lacking in clothes

well, yesterday while moving stuff to go house-sitting, I managed to lose a backetload of dirty washing. AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGHGHGHGHGHGH!! I have been freaking out about it all day. I NEED these clothes. They're not expensive, mostly undies and t-shirts, but they are the clothes I wear EveryDay!

I've almost cried about it several times so far. I have searched and roped others in to search for them. The only thing I can think is that I must have put them on top of my car rather than in it and they fell off to their doom. Things like this seem to happen to me too often! Why am I so useless? Why didn't Beau notice?

So either that or I put them on Svend's car and ditto with the falling off and running away, because they are not in My flat or at the house I am house-sitting at, nor are they in my car. They are well and truly gone.

I had made a promise to myself that I would not go clothes shopping until I had reached at least 75kg. I am still over that, but I need these clothes too badly. Still I resolve to buy only the necessary and nothing for the fun and joy. Plus I am still hating clothes shopping due to the sizes I am purchasing.


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