December 18, 2004

Home away from home

I'm currently house-sitting for a co-worker of mine and Beau is with me. I am loving having him around all to myself, because I am greedy! Hurrah!

Currently we are busy as have 2 guests staying with us from Australia. I know them from Otago. It is neat but the weather is terrible. Luckily the house we are staying at has a fire and we have been spending much lovely time in front of it! Delightful.

There is a friendly cat, Jade, who we are keeping company. Unfortunately Jade likes company early in the morning.

Last week she woke Beau and I up by miaowing loudly outside our room and batting at the door... at 5am. I blearily got up and followed her around a bit. She had food and water in her bowl. She has a catflap. I ended up opening the front door for her anyway and she happily went out it and stopped bothering us.... SHE HAS HER OWN LITTLE DOOR!!

Anywho, she basically repeated this with Nixie and Trithemius, our two visitors, this morning. It was only 7am this time, but since they only just came over from Aus it was still 5am to them... how does she know??? ANyway this time I opened the door for her to come in to stop the whinging.

My run of badluck continues and today while getting out of a park in evil Karori mall underground carparking. I dented my car against a pillar. Grr. Also still missing those clothes. On the plus side, the new jeans I bought are definitely too big. Awesome


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