December 24, 2004

Naturally, a Christmas Post

Christmas Day is a day where I normally get to see family. There have been christmases where I only saw siblings ( a couple of years ago only Puggle, K and I were at home) or last Christmas in Thailand where Beau and I were the only ones who habitually celebrated it in the house. Still, it is more a time for seeing and celebrating family and love (via the gift giving, recieving and massive amounts of food) than a time for remembering Christ.

Even when I sang in a church choir and my Methodist Grandparents were alive, christmas is more about a time of expressing our love for one another.

This Christmas I shall once again be taking part in A-------n Christmas, with Beau and Svend and their Dad's side of the family. It is neat for me to be accepted as part of that family too. On the 27th I shall be included in further extended family christmas stuff with Beau's Maternal side of the family. I'll get at least 3 Christmas "dinner's".

I kind of wish that Beau was free to join me in my family christmas stuff, but I suspect that he will always want to spend Christmas day with his family, even if we end up staying together for ever I think that will always be true. I spoke about it once with his sister-in-law and I think she kind of wished that his brother would be more keen to have Christmas with just her or with her family. I am not too fussed about it. I know how important it is to him. His family make a big and fabulous deal out of it and I know that my family are cool with moving things around.

Also last Christmas he spent with me away from his family and that was a big deal. I know I'm already blessed there!

We are having an extended family christmas this year. Tomorrow my parents and siblings and I will meet up at the family home for gift swapping and changing. Then we will drive up the coast to spend time with my Uncle's family including two cousins who have been oversea's for the past few years and they have brought back their boyfriend's! I will hopefully be picked up by Beau's family on the 27th and then get back to Wgtn that night, or maybe the next. Either way it is all fun and awesome.

Love to all. I know that Christmas can be painful or that other things in life are painful and "silly season" isn't helping. I hope that you realise I think of you and wish the best for you and your families.

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