January 05, 2005

Christmas past and Presents

Um, well I went up to Waiterere with the whanau for christmas. Cousin's had returned from OEs with boyfriends and "english" phrases.

I always find it a bit uncomfortable hanging out with a large group of extended family but I have discovered that knitting is awesome. it gives you an excuse to sit out in the open (getting a minor sunburn as it turns out) on your own, but it allows you to chat if people wander over and it is a conversation started, especially with the fluffy blue wool I was using. It was like I was knitting Muppet Fur.

Dad and uncle were mostly reading the whole time. Auntie was doing a cross-stitch, Mum seemed to sleep in a bit. Keepie got sick with heyfever combined with a cold and Camster and Muggle closed ranks on me. they set up a tent for themselves and hung out with each other.

Cousins as a whole were cool but chatting smacks of effort.

Dad gave me a tent which was awesome and will be much appreciated on road trip, if only to try out.

Beau got me Lonely Planet's guide to NZ which is cool. He also got me 3 lush massage bars. He admitted he got a bit carried away there. I was the coolest girlfriend and bought him GTA:SA on PS2, and then hogged it for a day.

Muggle and Camster each gave me and bunch of stuff and Keepie gave me the cheat book for GTA:SA. Awesome and already much used.

mum had already given gifts from thailand early in the year.

Aunt and Uncle gave lush products and Aunt mourned the fact that while she gives it a lot she seldom recieves.

We gave them Cranium and it was MUCH played. Funniest Cranium moment was Mum acting out "quick sand" and Aunt having to guess. Awesome.

On the 27th attended a "Christmas" dinner with Beau's extended family in Foxton. Recieved awesome platter from his bro and sis-in-law. Little sis gave me glass coaster, pretty, and Beau's Joyous mother/ Father Christmas, gave me a beautiful metal ... container/bowl. I need kitchen space for my things.

Back in Wellington that night and spent it at house-sitting. Next two days did vacuuming and clothes washing and general tidying of place.

It was nice to have somewhere where we were really alone with each other... except for the yowly cat that is.

In the meantime my flat had an Austrian Backpacker! Lovely girl and we dragged her along for New Years, which I am too slack to write about now.

Maybe later..

update over, neopets time!

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