January 06, 2005

Destruction of Drunken Knitting and other Stories

So, on New Years Eve Beau, Austrian and I hopped into Kimchi (my car) and headed to Featherston. This was after HP and entourage arrived (early) so we could sorta convoy. Except we didn't ended up losing each other pretty much straight away, BUT, met up in Featherston at the 4 square. Which meant I could handily follow them to Poodle and Wool's place. Sehkmut and her J were already there (along with P and W of course).

We played lawn cricket and got all hot and disgusting (altho I didn't get sunburnt plus I LOVE my new sunglasses, a present from me, to me). Then we hopped in cars and went swimming and got all cold and Beau reckons he finally woke up properly then (he'd stayed up 'til 5am playing GTA:SA). The cold made us desire hot food so we got dinner, fish and chips, which we ate on the lawn. The fish and chip place wasn't really prepared for so many of us and we had to wait about 25 minutes to get our orders, once they got around to getting them off us anyway.

Jenni and Lee turned up that evening and games commenced, both board, card and drinking. There seemed a minor rivalry between HP and Wool. We palled of the drinking game and some people played a card game while others played Charades and i also did some knitting. It was perfectly good knitting too! Midnight came and there was little fuss over it and after another hour everyone headed to their respective beds. Not far for Beau, Austrian and I as we had been relegated Lounge.

Morning came and breakfast was had and eventually my party had to pack to go to Taupo. The others headed off for a day trip to Greytown. Anyhoo Beau and I managed to forget many things in the packing but nevermind. Got to Taupo in time for a yummy dinner with much of Beau's family and three types of meat! I made custard in the microwave. Svend and Muggle and her new Boy had arrived just before us from wellington leading to even greater fun.

We all packed into our beds somehow although there was a bit of excitement when at midnight Beau's Bro and Sis-in-law showed up unexepextedly on their way to Hamilton. Her Grandpa was not well and they had finally gotten two days off work to go and see him. I think Beau's Grandma was a bit worried and put out that she couldn't give them a proper bed but they were happy just to be able to have somewhere to lie down.

Next couple of days in Taupo pretty much all blurred, with lake swimming and hot pools and seeing T and the Patch for lunch one day. We all got sunburnt and Svend and Austrian did the Tongariro Crossing! We had BBQ and left overs and I managed to make a yummy potato salad. I ate too much in total.

I left on the morning of the 4th with Muggle and her Boy and Beau in the car. Austrian went back with Svend slightly later than us. We wanted to go together as we had plans to stop and we did, at Bulls, Foxton, Waiterere (altho it turned out noone was there) and Lindale. We discussed contacting Matt and Debz but were too tired, which is good 'cause they weren't home then anyway!

Anyway got back and have since done some stuff, got new lights for my car, saw baby goldfish at my parent's place, returned keys from house sitting, done dishes at flat, visited mum's shop, went to Dvice and a cool asian shop, got housebuying stuff started, got petrol in car, talked to ppl about buying a house and today looked at houses online with Muggle. Awesome.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that when I got to Taupo and got out my knitting the needle had come out from it and I didn't know how to fix it so I undid the over half a ball that I had done and restarted. Madness!

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