November 15, 2004

Normal Nonsense

Weekend was full of stuff. Friday had drinks at Mercury and a surprising Phreq turned up! Awesome.

Beau turned up and we bought a he passed his exams celebratory dinner from Monsoon Poon. We didn't want to wait so we got take-away and it came in those little noodle-boxes, just like on TV! Awesome.

Matt and Debz came over later that night and we played Beanie. It was their first time ever! Vibribbon was also played. Tiddly people turned up and it was a v.full flat! Awesome.

Saturday we got up and ate too much (or just enough) at Yum Cha. Then walking back home and went into Briscoes and I bought electronic scales. I weigh too much :( Had a nap and drove to M & J's via the supermarket. Played games such as Bean trader, Clay Mania and Apples to Apples. Had Hell for dinner. I didn't miserably lose at all the games! Awesome.

Sunday woke up early and did laundry, washed dishes, emptied dishwasher and then drove Beau to pray for his sins. I meant to go to on the treadmill but instead played neopets. Went home and did more laundry (took in the first batch as it was dry) then drove to Matt and Debz. Beau fell asleep in the car. On "the way" we went to Lindale and bought ice-cream, cheese, crackers and candy! Awesome.

Got to their place, played MORE games, Incognito and Beanie. Watched "Greg the Bunny" and ate yummy enchiladas! Awesome.

Drove back home, had a superfast change (I just rolled my pants down, but Beau had a shower) and headed to Kelburn for Yeshi's engagement party. It was crowded and I felt a bit out of place for a while but then started talking to Tap and had a good time. Apparently pizza was tasty but I was still full of enchiladas! Awesome.

Went home taking Sok with us and talked about various thought on the lyrics to Black-Eyed Peas "Hey Mama". Then listed to Black-Eyed Peas and danced around. Then played Vibribbon to Black-Eyed Peas. It might be a PS2 game that I am better than Beau at! Awesome.

All weekend Beau was with me. I love him so. Awesome.

Posted by giffy at November 15, 2004 07:20 AM