November 10, 2004

Today was Neat but Not Tidy!

Today I went with my form class (of whom I only teach 3) to a marae. There were other classes and teachers also, I just went along for the ride really. Anyway it was neat. There were Kapa Haka performances, poi making, flax-flowers and taiaha lessons (for those who say boys only don't you forget about those Ngati Porou women!) and , of course, HANGI! There was some delicious fried bread too. Sooo cool.

They stayed for the afternoon but I left after lunch 'cause I had a class to teach.

I was walking into school and was accosted by a screeching 4th former. Apparently because they hadn't seen me in the morning, they had thought I wasn't going to be at school and were freaking out. You see, for my class with them last period today I organised for a parent to bring her 8 month old twin girls. They were really excited about it.

I kept going into school but more Y10s accosted me, apparently, just to tell me that they had an ipod? (so?) and then about a group of 6 (at least 2 of whom I don't teach) started asking me if they could be in my fifth form class next year. I have no say in the matter and told them.

There are (apparently) at least 2 parents who will be writing letters requesting that their children are in my class. So strange.

Time passed and it was finally last period. We started with going over one of their exam papers, had time for a little recap on how twins happen and the two types, then they arrived.... SOOOO CUTE!

They were so well-behaved and the coolest thing is that the Mum had pictures of their blastocysts (like embryo but more like a bundle of cells) because they were IVF. She also brought ultra-sound so that you could see them in their seperate amniotic sacs. Sooo cool! They were really well behaved and my class loved them.

Madness ensued as the class next-door also wanted to see them so they joined my class. Another teacher had heard about the babies so dropped in. Beau arrived to pick me up and meet my class (there was much squealing and plotting of a wedding when he arrived during baby-question time, including (to Beau) When are you getting married?)

Then they all left and I had to have an hour long staff meeting. Beau wandered around school waiting for me and ended up talking to the DP for a while. She said the school liked me. Good.

Tired now, also hungry, I think I smell cocktail samosas!

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