November 01, 2004

Something akin to Sadness

Beau and Svend's Grandma died yesterday. Maybe I should say "passed away", but I don't think it evokes as much emotion as "died" and she deserves that extra bit of feeling.

Beau had an exam on Saturday and his family had all driven up to see her before he had finished it. I had said I would take him up and I am glad that I did. We went and visited her at their uncle's house and the place was brimming with family members. Beau and Svend are 2 of 7 children alone and their Grandma had 5 children, who had children and some of them even had children.

So much family that Beau didn't dare introduce me as he didn't know all the names.

We didn't spend much time there but it was good to see her. On the way back, Beau realised that he hadn't actually told her that he loved her, so he texted his Mum to ensure that the message was passed on. It was.

I won't be able to make it to the funeral on Wednesday, but I will be attending the Rosary on Tuesday night. It means that I miss out on the Senior Prizegiving, but as the Deputy Principal said, How many of those will I end up attending? Alot.

Anyway, I am glad that I can be here for Beau , especially as he is currently doing exams. I hope I am being supportive for Svend, but I fear I might be grating.


Posted by giffy at November 1, 2004 10:48 AM