November 22, 2004

Still Slack

Just realised my last entry was my eleventy-first! Should have made a bigger deal and/or noticed it.

Still didn't do much "activity" during the weekend but the plans are laid to do the Rimutaka Railway walk.

Did do lots of other stuff though. On Friday had drinks with ppl at Mercury, then had a work BBQ, then back into town for Dancing. Town was pretty dead on Friday night. Didn't dance for long. However did walk into town and back again so that is something?

On Saturday spent all morning and midday in bed. Difficult to wake up! I'm not used to staying out 'til 2ish. Then mucked around making ambrosia for TURKEY dinner!

Jenni and Lee had said they would cook me a turkey dinner for my birthday (late March) and they did! It was delicious. Had available flatmates, plus Zeph there. Jenni said she had been hoping it would be her first proper dinner-party. But we were all too silly (especially me, I was too picky at the salad) beforehand. It was a good effort and fooled me tho. ;)

All of Saturday was focussed on the BBQ at our place. Many turned up. Many were fed and quite a few were still there when I went to bed!

The highlights for BBQ included:
actually getting the BBQ to our place (who knew my car could fit soo much?),
all the meat (some people brought none, some brought enough for a whole family),
all the people (not all the people we invited, thank goodness!),
taking over the complex (the gazebo was very popular)

Please add your own if you attended.

Posted by giffy at November 22, 2004 09:16 AM