September 13, 2004

Things sure have changed since yesterday...

Except in the way they haven't. So, yeah.

Had a neat weekend. Drinks were fun on Friday and Rachel stayed over so I had a big talk with her. We haven't really done that before and it was neat. Saw Beau almost all day on Sat and that was cool. Also got my eyebrows threaded so that they are all nice and tidy.

I really meant to go to the Stonesoup brunch! But then I was running late and when I walked into Olive I didn't recognise anyone (mainy due to not knowing anyone but Jenni and meeting Iona only once before) so i was shy and ran away and visited my aunt and uncle at my Mum's shop and had yummy Thai food.

Then to Jenni's where a bunch of us met up to buy fabric and discuss costumes. Svend said he would run inspectres and cook us a roast for dinner. We played cranium and headed over to my house about 6ish? Svend wasn't even home yet! He did cook us dinner but after we ate it there wasn't time for inspectres.

I drank Yummy mead and I am sure it is helping with the cold holding off-ness.

On Sunday I slept in a bunch and that was lovely, then I just woke up to read trashy novel and after that I took puggle to go visit Mum at her new shop where we had yummy Thai food. Then I went to Mum and Dad's so that Dad could check my car for road-worthiness for a mission to Napier to help Bean with her stuff. He changed my tire for me (Yay! I am soo slack) and then said that he could go with me and we could take one of their cars instead. Neat!

I also put my sheets in their dryer and promptly forgot to take them home. Will have to visit parents tomorrow. I did get a whole bunch of marking done at their place and Bambi (littlest sis) cooked shnitzel for dinner. Mm-mm, meat.

Today is the last day of exams. I will be teaching one class and we will test peanut butter and milk for fat and protein. Yay! Can also probably do glucose and starch test if the kiddies are keen.

Hopefully I shall find some time today to go swimming.

Stay cool!

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