September 30, 2004

Simple things

I am currently happy due to several things.

-The number of comments people have posted about the costume comp. Thanks Jarrat for keeping that up!
-Watching the whole of Haibane Renmei today. Sometimes I wanted to cry. Thanks Svend for watching it all yesterday!
-Pizza. I have eaten alot today. Some was average (Dominoes) some was delicious (made by Regs and her sis yesterday!)
-Sims 2. I bought it last week and played a fair amount yesterday. They only problem is that I have a character on the "Romance" aspiration and when I stop playing I vaguely feel that I should have 10 "boyfriends"... some of them are girls. On plus side Beau has also played it and enjoys it. Hurrah!
-Beau. I saw him today and while he just went upstairs and sneezily played Sims2 while I watched DVDs 2 floors down. I still saw him and that is something!
-Fruits Basket. I love it so. I am happy that I own it and can watch it whenever I want.
-Swimming. Today I did 20 lengths non-stop. Lengths up were freestyle, down were breast-stroke. Will be having more swimming tomorrow
-Spiders aka Ice Cream Sodas. I just thought of them and am now going to go and have one in a large 'beer-mug'. Awesome!

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