August 02, 2004

Too much to say

which leaves me with nothing to say.

I've been thinking about various possible blogging entries for a while, but have not yet managed to get one down so I am throwing that all away instead to say:

I must buy some scary white boots. They are "Ulala" boots, white knee high elasticated beasts and they are now only $50. I will have to buy them later this week as I will have been paid then. HURRAH! I will probably never wear them but it does not matter as I need them and it is as simple as that.

Also am excited that an idea I had might be coming true. Namely my flat getting a visitor for a couple of weeks. Joy!

Another cool thing that makes me happy is that Jenni, Puggle and I have FINALLY decided what we will (probably) be cosplaying at Armageddon this year. I have yet to ask Matt and Debz to be involved but I suspect that they might like this idea due to its hilarity. I shall be keeping it a secret for now!

I had a pretty good Saturday past. Sass and Jenni came over and there was Singstar. I was going to have drunken Singstar but decided against it which is good esp as on Friday my cough seemed to be coming back and I don't think it would have helped, also it meant I could drive Beau and I to his parents where we had Pork Steak and yummy yummy salad. Also Sass stayed over and when I woke up, the dishes were done! Hurrah!

I'm supposed to be trying to get into shape for costuming but instead of exercising in the weekend I had two baths. They were good tho and I'm sure I sweated out some calories due to the intense heat.... or something. Then on Sunday I felt really snacky and made chocolate custard. It was soooo good!

Must go read blogs so that I still have time to prep for my last class of the day.

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