July 30, 2004

Blood, Beauty and Butterflies

Yesterday was a pretty neat day. My Y12 had another dissection.

We've moved topics to Gaseous exchange so we were looking at Gas Exchange surfaces. We dissected Fish Heads looking at their gills and also a sheep "pluck" which is trachea lungs and heart. I find fish head dissecting upsetting, because the eyes! The huge staring eyes. Which I later talked to another teacher with and I should probably have plucked those right out as inside they have beautiful spherical lenses that I could have shown my Y9 who are doing a "Light" topic. Probably be dissecting cow eyes with them later, they have elliptical lenses.

The smell was prettty strong coming off the fish but you got used to it pretty quickly and even the most upset and disgusted student was amazed by the beauty of the gills. Delicate Pink Combs. The plucks were a bit old hat to them although they enjoyed the texture of the lungs. One student took great joy in cutting open a bronchus and then following all the smaller bronchioles. It is beneficial because I think they have this idea that lungs are like balloons all empty on the inside, when really they are much more like sponges!

In the evening I went home and walked to meet Jenni for dinner. It was pretty neat as Beau turned up as well and he has been missing me and told me so. Jonno also called and met me so I got to catch up briefly with him which was great. Then when Jenni also told me Zeph was going to have dinner with us so I was extra happy! Dinner was swift (we didn't have much time) and also pretty good. Also made some plans for tonight, Mercury and then maybe dinner. After dinner, the ballet, Madame Butterfly (more commonly known as an opera but not this time).

Jenni and I turned up and as I had bought tickets with school there were several teachers and school students there as well. We weren't too sure what the story was about and one of the other teachers gave the summary that she heard, something like "Japanese woman and American man get married, he goes back to America, she has a baby, he returns and takes the baby, she commits suicide". It made Jenni realise that we had seen the story before in the Animation Now of a past film festival. That was a gorgeous animation with dolls.

They had some amazing costumes! The men all wore pants and not tights. The sets were very well done. I especially liked this sheer curtain they had painted with butterflies. You could see past it and they would be dancing on the other side. There was a neat shadow dance done from behind screens, I immensely enjoyed a comedy dance between Butterfly and a would be suitor. The little boy who played the son in the second half stole the show! Soo small, cute and well behaved, although from where we were sitting, everyone looked small and cute. It was all quite beautiful, even if ballet is sort of like watching mute aliens trying to communicate. At the end I cried.

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