June 29, 2004


Well I borrowed Firefly and have watched the first 4 episodes and it IS great. When I first heard the concept of it "space cowboys" I was not inspired, but people kept saying how good it was and now that I have watched some I agree. The word that keeps coming to mind is textured. I don't have a favourite character yet. I like pretty much all of them. I like the way they speak and the language they use. I like how they have solved the gravity-no gravity? question for ships in the future by just ignoring it rather then making up some long winded explanation. I will probably be sad when I reach the last episode. Ahh well, I should get to watch final season of Buffy on DVD then.

Sok and I have singing lessons today and that should be good. It was nice not having to teach this morning. I now must go plan for tomorrow when I will not be there and a reliever will be taking my class. Including starting a new topic with my Y12 which I do not yet understand myself. Hurrah!!

Also special Add-on for Zeph. PS2 is good. I like the dance mat, but more games are desired and required. Can I come over and borrow some? Tonight maybe? I just pop in for games and then might go do supermarket shopping. If ok?

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June 28, 2004

Not Happy

That is how school has made me feel today. I am really not enjoying my Y11 at all. Some of them are driving me crazy and I worry that I am becoming like teachers I had at school who just couldn't deal with certain classes. Today they did manage to do some good quiet work, but they just make me tired and grumpy. Also my Y12 who I normally do enjoy were also not good today. They had their ball over the weekend and did no preparation for the test they have tomorrow. I'm not at school tomorrow until after lunch and also not at school at all on Wednesday. Which means I have to prepare lessons for a relief teacher for tomorrow and the next day and I am not looking forward to it. I am tired of school and the countdown on the staffroom white board of "4 sleeps to go" seems like 4 sleeps too many. My y12 have a test tomorrow but then I have no idea what I should set them for Wed, or what we will be doing the day following that. We won't have class on Friday as it is normally in the afternoon and we will be having an end of term mass then.

I must go do the lame planning now.

Things to cheer me up:
PS2 should be arriving today!!
Going to Chch on Saturday!
Bean and Jonno both got jobs!
Puggle has also been offered 2 jobs!
Singing lesson tomorrow!
I have Firefly and Cowboy Bebop to watch at home!
Beau might be coming over tonight!
I can sleep in tomorrow as I do not have to get into the Hutt until the afternoon!
Should be going to the doctors and getting more Hayfever medication! (might seem like a little thing to you but watery eyes and stuffy head and runny nose are terrible especially at the time of year where everyone is getting colds!)

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June 24, 2004

The long wait

I have just placed my order for a PS2 with Singstar and also a memory card and a game called "Dancing Stage Megamix" which comes with a dance mat. It is very very exciting. I will probably have to wait until Monday for it to arrive tho. AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGEEESS! I could have bought it from a real shop but I don't think I'll have time, thus my flatmates are about to have 10 days without me around playing it, but they will be able to play and upskill in Singstar! NOOOOOOO!!!

Boo. The wait is because I can't check email at school, so I couldn't see what my password was so I could get into the whole ordering process, so I couldn't order it until I got to another internet source. Sucky. School finally seems to be getting organised tho and hopefully things should be up and running "normally" by next term. It has been over a term that it hasn't been working. Soooo lame. However, now that we have this special new "schools" package for our internet it will prevent access to certain sites. Sites such as Neopets. Unfair I say.

Tomorrow is Feast Day for the school and I must be a pirate Muppet. I must admit that for once, dressing up is not filling me with enthusiasm. I'm actually feeling a bit sickly but if I don't go to school tomorrow I shouldn't really go to the staff function afterwards and I already paid $70 for Beau and I to attend that and I doubt it is refundable. Ahh well, I'll sleep in on Saturday.

One more thing. I had dinner with "The Patch" yesterday, he is a great friend of mine of about 8 years. His other half visited me earlier this year and I baked a cake, all I had was a mini whisk (thanks Zeph for that otherwise I wouldn't even have had that) anyway, she was teasing me about it and told him he had to give me a proper sized one. He did! Thanks you guys!

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June 23, 2004

Hopelessly Devoted

Yesterday Sok and I started singing lessons. It was only for 1/2 an hour and a lot of that was talking about what we wanted out of singing lessons and it was great! We had a go at singing two songs, "Hopelessly Devoted to You" from Grease and I have forgotten which My Fair Lady song we sang. We also did quite a few warm-ups and exercises that our teacher explained really well. I have to work on singing less breathily.

Something that Sok and I kept talking about later tho was her assessment of our voices. When we had discussed what we wanted to sing and I said I wanted to improve my range again and hit the higher notes I used to be able to she said I did have a relatively low speaking voice, but then later on after we'd done some exercise and she was assessing us she said that we both had good tuning and similar ranges. The main difference between me and Sok is that my voice sounds fuller, hers sounds sweeter. This is because mine is more mature! Crazy! Then she asked how old we were but there is only 3 months between us. Sok just has a younger voice, ahh well. ANyway I said I wanted to go some Jazz stuff as well is possible as my uncle said if I got a song I could probably sing with his band some time. Next lesson she is going to give us some songs that we can start working on "Fish gotta Sing" from Showboat for me and something from "Phantom of the Opera" for Regs. We are also to bring a folder and a notebook so that we can keep a record of our homework. We have to do at least 10 min of exercises a day. She also was quite keen for us to join a choir she conducts so that would be neat too. Yay, I'm glad to be singing again.
Next time we go we're going to take the Musical Score for the "Buffy Musical Episode". Sok has it and we might work on some of those songs too. 1/2 an hour a week doesn't seem enough.

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June 20, 2004

Chocolate Martinis

Well I had an Awesome Time at Debz birthday. I got to play singstar and also Debz got given an Eyetoy (sp?) for her birthday so we played with that on the PS2 as well. The chocolatemartinis were very tasty, sooo tasty I decided I had to stay over at their place so that I could properly enjoy them. Delish! Matt and Debz rock. As I said to them last week and as Matt said to me too early this morning (I wanted to get Beau to church before her turned into a Pumpkin) I am really glad that we happened to do TCol in the same year together.

Unfortunately all that creamy alcohol did not really agree with my stomach and it is feeling pretty delicate today. No throwing up or anything, but I'm just not very hungry. Except for some reason, I REALLY want a white bread sandwich with hot chips inside. mmmm-mmm. I might have McDonalds instead.

I also got to go shopping yesterday with Zeph which was great 'cause I feel like I haven't spent much timewith her recently and it is much to do with my laziness. I bought woolen "fruits-style" things for Debz. I looked at many boots and clothes but did not buy any for myself. That was hard! But I want a PS2-singstar combo and I also want to buy a dancing game with a dance mat. Beau reckons that if you want to you can use dance mats instead of the normal controllers as they have all the buttons, so that means I could play PS2 and get exercise at the same time! Hurrah!

I'm feeling pretty happy. Love!

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June 17, 2004

Something Deep

Nah, not really. The heading is actually in reference to a friend of mine who is currently on a visit in Wellington. We'll call him, The Patch. ;). Anyway, the Patch is down for two weeks and I am afraid that I won't be able to organise myself to actually see him! I am soo lazy. Or more likely busy. I should call him and see if he is up for drinks on Friday because I really am. Do you read my blog the Patch?

I am feeling tired and in need of a day of doing nothing. This nothing day will have to be Sunday. Mainly because I have school on weekdays and I always seem to be busy on Saturday. This Saturday I will be attending Debz Birthday Party. But I am not sure how long I will be able to stay as it is a drinking party and I would have to drive and hour each way and I am still on my restricted (STUPID restricted) liscence. Also I am undecided about what to get Debz. I have thought of several things but haven't decided on one. Also am sad as people I would like to attend with (Jenni, Lee, Svend) don't seem to be attending. boo.

Things that I like to do on the internet currently are:
Look at wigs
Look at the price of a PS2-singstar combo
Play Neopets
And update my blog and comment on others!

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June 15, 2004

Reports + stuff

Last week we had to do subject reports. That was pretty stressful and I got tired and grumpy. They got happily handed in on Thursday. This week we must read all the subject reports for our form classes and then do a form teacher report where we roughly sum up the other reports and also state any activities the students do and how their attendance and uniform is. buh.

The extra stressful thing about the whole process is that you read other people's reports and if you find anything wrong they have to be sent back!!! I don't mind getting mine back. I'm quick at fixing and returning them, but others are not so happy about it. Most people are cool tho and it is good to get them right.

Instead of doing my reports I have decided to blog instead. People read my blog and comment on it. This makes me happy and feel connected to others, even tho I might not be seeing them much. Sometimes I feel guilty about not seeing friends as much as I should. But the effort!!! Also I am tired and busy with school and other stuff alot.

Another thing is that it is difficult to get organised to do something that doesn't cost money. I know we used to do it all the time at highschool and at Uni. Hanging out and not spending. But it doesn't seem to happen so much now. It's often meet to eat (at a restaurant or even just takeaways, not so much the being fed by people at their homes, that costs them anyway) meet and drink (and I do like the cocktails), meet and shop, meet and watch (movies or rented vids, sometimes will get together to watch a DVD that someone owns, but they can lend it to you too, so less need to get in a big group to watch).

I think another reason why it happens less is that the number of my friends has basically doubled since highschool. Mainly because of boy/girl friends. Someone that you might not actually be friends with (altho some are now). If you invite one, you must invite another. This means what used to be me and a couple of buddies hanging out has morphed into 6 people and trying to organise something they might all enjoy can be a pain. If the partners don't come then you or they can feel a bit guilty. Especially if you know they are just sitting at home.... alone. Nevermind that they might be perfectly happy!

I only see Beau about 3-4 days of the week. We don't live together and that's how it is. Considering we don't live together we actually spend A LOT of time together. However, if something happens in the weekend so that we don't get to see each other, then we are only seeing each other once a week. That is only a little time to spend with each other and it's a weekday and that means tired-from-school-Giffy and can't-stay-over-Beau which means I'll see him for little over 3 hours. Anyway, today is one of the days I should see him, but I doooo have to do reports. I hope there is time for a hug!

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June 14, 2004

Singstar is awesome

I want it, but I know I don't NEED it, but I want it, but I DON'T need it, but I WANT IT!!!!

Anyway go look at Matt, Debz or Jenni's blogs for info on the mad Singstar fun. I am really tempted to get it after Matt and Debz told me that there is a special on getting a PS2 and the Singstar game on at Gamesman. I'll see how rich I feel after FINALLY paying Lee back. Sorry Lee!! You rock!

Now the lame news. I thought I was getting tomorrow off from school to go on a course and that I'd see Debz there and get to say Happy Birthday to her. BUT, I got told TODAY that I'm not going on the course 'til the 29th or something. Lame. Which is actually going to be kind of annoying as I will have had the day before partially off too as I am going to give a talk to soon to graduate TCol students. Including Jonno. Should be cool, but every day you take off from school is a day you still have to prepare anyway. So it might seem cool for me to get time off, but I will still have to prepare for those lessons and still do some other stuff at either the course or at TCol. On the plus side I have done stuff for my reports and I will have time to plan tomorrow so I don't have to today. Yay!

PS, comment sometimes if you read my blog. If people don't comment, I don't know that people are reading it and if I don't think people are reading it I don't feel the need to post. This was inspired by being told by 2 different people that they read my blog and why hadn't I been updating it more frequently. You can nag me right here! You don't need to wait 'til you see me in person!


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June 12, 2004

Sok's Birthday

Today is my flatmate's birthday. I have known her for 10 of those now! Last night the flat went out and had a few drinks to celebrate with her and a bunch of other people who also love her. We went to Mercury Lounge on Courtney place. It is pretty cool there. My favourite drink there is the Liquid Mars Bar. It is creamy and chocolatey and yum. I had two of those and bought 2 for other people. Sooo good. I really like Mercury. I used to like Amba a lot, but the bar staff all changed and also you couldn't be sure about what drink you'd get depending on who made it for you. Anyway it was neat and a friend was visiting from Australia and I got to say Hi to her too.

After Mercury we went to the Bristol and had dinner. The meals there are really reasonably priced, tasty and the service was incredibly fast. I liked it. Also I was happy as Beau came and I got to see him. I thought I'd see him more this week than I did, but he was busy doing a research project. Anyway I've been hanging out heaps with him so far today and it's great.

Also fab is that Debz got a PS2 and Singstar for her Birthday. We are currently playing it. It is awesome. It shall be mine!!!!

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June 11, 2004

Winter Food

All this week I have wanted what I think of as winter food. Mainly, things from the oven. Roast vegetables. Casseroles. Roast chicken. Mashed Parsnip and Carrot (with Butter). Bread and Butter Pudding. Also many hot drinks, hot chocolate, hot orange and barley, hot blackcurrant.

If you have been following this blog over the last few weeks you might have noticed Bread and Butter Pudding written down a few times. Well I finally made it on Wednesday. I was supposed to be doing reports but instead I cooked dinner and made Bread and Butter Pudding. Thanks to Svend who said "It IS is the Edmonds Cookbook". I made some slight differences to the recipe and here is what I used

6 'end pieces' from three different loaves of bread
3 eggs
1 cup of milk (or was is two...? check the cookbook)
the grated rind from one lime
about 150ml of craisons. (the 'c' is supposed to be there)
about 150ml of white sugar

Anyway, you cut the bread into quarters and layer it, the craisons, the rind and the sugar into an oven safe bowl. Mix the eggs and milk in another bowl and then pour onto the bread. Leave to stand for 15 minutes. I then baked it for about 50 min at 180degreesC. The recipe says about 30min but it was still a bit runny, altho it tasted fine. This might be because I used calci-trim. Anyway I put it in for another 20 min or so and it was perfect.

I really like bread and butter pudding but we now have no dried fruit in the house so I can't make it again until we have some...maybe tomorrow!

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June 08, 2004

When a Tuesday feels like a Monday.

Today is Tuesday. I feel tired like a Monday, but I don't have the normal free periods that I do on a Monday. That makes me sad. This week I must take my car to get its WOF. There is probably stuff I have to fix, but it is easier to go get it checked and then fix it than any other way. I shall probably go to the VTA at some horrifically early hour of the day. I want to go home and work on reports but I can't. Mainly because the disks I want to use had to be checked by the technician (they are being all weird about viruses right now) and he hasn't returned them yet. Suck.

I had an alright weekend. Beau got sick with a disgusting stomach bug so I didn't spend as much time with him as I'd like. I did get some good slacking done tho. Yay! And I managed to do the marking I needed for reports. I just have to write the danged things now. Some of my time in the weekend was spent watching average movies. I saw Uptown Girls "starring" Brittany Murphy and it was actually quite sweet. I also saw Secretary which Margie and I found creepy. I thought Maggie Gyllenhaal was good in it. Both her and her brother do creepy quite well I think. I watched Honey which is basically a 2 hour long music video and I enjoyed it because of the dancing and also because I think Jessica Alba is cute. I also managed to leave the couch and watch Troy. Average story, but as I told Beau it is Bradelicious.

On Sunday Night I went out with Beau and his extended family for his Grandfather's 83rd (I think, maybe 84th) birthday at the James Cook Hotel. They have a buffet restaurant on the 17th floor. It's quite neat to get to go to all this stuff with his family altho Beau abandoned me for much of it to go catch up with cousins. I sat and talked to two of his brothers and a sister-in-law. Chatting to her I found out that their anniversary is a couple of days after mine and Beau's. Which was kind of strange since we went to their wedding earlier this year and Beau and I aren't planning on anything like that for a good 3 or more years. Another strange thing was when Beau's uncle came and asked Svend (Beau's Bro) who his 'ladyfriend' was... meaning me. It is understandable tho as Svend and I used to flat and I had gone to a couple of family things with him when Beau was still studying down in Dunedin.

Thinking of Svend reminds me that I want his Bread and Butter Pudding recipe. All the ones I look at seem too tricky. It also reminds me that we have roleplaying on Saturday. YAY!

I am looking forward to Friday as it will be a bit like Thursday and by actual Thursday I will have handed in the Reports. Then I will only have FORM Teacher reports to do... great..

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June 03, 2004

Looking forward to the holidays

The holidays are a looooong time away, but I am still looking forward to them.

I am looking forward to the middle of the year ones as I will be going to Christchurch for a science teachers convention and one of the keynote speakers is the Human Body guy! Yay! He is cool! Also while I'm there I'll be staying with my friend 'Bean'. We went to Uni together and I haven't seen her for ages. We said we'd go overseas together, but I got a job teaching and she hasn't yet. It is a lot harder getting work in the primary sector than the secondary. Also I'll get to see phreq, who while I haven't hung out that much with her, I have known, and I have liked her for about 10 years! woah.

I got really close with Bean's family when I was studying at Otago, they have a farm in West Otago, and I will hopefully road trip down with Bean to visit them. Except maybe in Wanaka rather than Otago, as they have a holiday home there. That place is awesome, I had some really cool uni holidays there. It was while staying there I sprained my ankle snowboarding, got a crush on the guy who took me snowboarding (I have this weakness for ski and snowboard instructors, they just seem extra attractive, including the females!), went on a death defying drive to Queenstown, had a freezing dip in a river (in september), attempted to go water skiing, went fishing, fell asleep on Ruby Island 'beach' in the warm afternoon sun, hid and hunted for easter eggs on an easter sunday and many more awesome things.

I bought the tickets yesterday and now I can't wait!

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June 02, 2004


Things I like:
My friends
Bread and Butter pudding
Fruits Basket
Using the steam distiller
Quiet classes
Marking someone an Excellence grade
Free morning tea
Space Channel 5 Part 2 (Chu-chu!)
Clothes fresh from the dryer
Tidy hair
Unexpected chocolates
The flatties

Things I dislike:
Having to do housework
Writing reports
Marking students with Not Achieved
Telling students to pay attention
Calories ;)
Waking up tired
Unexpected chocolate in inconvenient places
Being unprepared
Coming to school in the weekend
Forgetting my lunch or my breakfast
Paying too much for petrol
Damaging my car
Getting ill

Things I should be doing today:
Starting to write reports
Visiting Beau
Doing Laundry
Marking assignments
Giving Jonno a ride into Wgtn
Eating leftovers for lunch
Making Bread and Butter Pudding
Buying tickets to Chch (phreq can I visit you in July? ;)
Teaching classes
Going to bed early enough to finish reading The Onion Girl
Making ointments with 13yr/olds!

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