April 29, 2004


The following two sentences contain untruths.
I really HATED the Little Fears comments. Please NEVER post comments again!

True Stuff! True Stuff!

Yay I love people's childhood fears. When I was little, as the oldest I was in charge of the other kids (my little sisters and brother). One of my tasks was was to get everyone out of the bath. I started by telling my siblings that once the plug was pulled out, we had to get out otherwise we would be sucked into the ocean and eated by whales and sharks. Picture books had led us to believe that it was possible to be sucked down the drain. This got them out of the bath quickly with much joyous frightened squealing. No problems, right? Except after a while I started to believe it too!

Such a silly giffy!

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April 27, 2004

Little Fears

Is a roleplaying game, but....

when I was 7 we moved to Pakistan for a year. My Dad is a Civil Engineer and he was doing some work with UNHCR. Anyway, we moved into a house which had gas (our family home doesn't) and there were pipes with outlets in all of the bedrooms. Mum and Dad both warned me not to touch them as the gas may come out and it could kill me and the others. Thus I had a slight not unreasonable fear of the gas pipes. Then I found a Sherlock homes graphic novel floating around the house (I guess it was my Dad's) I don't remember much about it except that Sherlock was called in to investigate the mysterious death of a man who had died in a locked room. Also there was a baboon running loose on the moors (that's how I remember it ). Eventually it was revealed that he had been killed by a snake which had been let into the room through a little pipe (I forget why the pipe was in the room, I think maybe it was so he could issue orders to the kitchen or something?) Anyway that gave me an extra fear of the gas pipe in my room. Not only could it release killer gas, but also killer snakes! That lead me to start sleeping with my head under the covers, with the blanket over my head I was safe from both snakes and gas, as long as nothing was poking out, anyway ;).

I still like sleeping with my blanket tucked up near my face!

Feel free to share your little fears!

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April 24, 2004


Well today I went to ANother Tupperware Party. I think I want all the bakeware. Some of it is floppy and fun.

More interestinly tho was that I saw hanging out with a couple of ex workmates. I stopped working in Blood end of Jan last year when I went to TCol. One of the people I saw was my replacement. Today was her last day of work. I worked there 8 months myself. The girl who was hosting the tupperware party had her last day at work a couple of weeks ago. The crazy thing is that two other people also had their last day there today. It's ridiculous the turn over they've got and it makes me worried about the quality of the product. It's probably fine, as they have a bit of an 'if in doubt, throw it out' attitude. But there are people who are having to take senior positions after only being there a few weeks. I'll just try to stay healthy until the staffing gets under control.

The crazy thing is that the management are all like, Why Why is this happening? When the truth is that if the workers actually say why they are unhappy (mostly due to bad communication between staff and low pay with no prospects) the management get all huffy and angry and don't do anything except act like it is a personal rebuke.

I'm just glad I'm in teaching now. Less stress!

Something I like right now is the forum here. It's an address I was given at Auckland Armageddon. I wish I'd had time to go to the cafe that the server is all about.

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April 21, 2004


Yay to all the people who commented. You guys are cool! Auckland was fun, other people had awesome costumes. I had fun winning a prize. All the people I stayed with were nice. Parker Lewis was scary.

I made it safe and sound all the way home again. I had a good holiday and I like the National Aquarium heaps. We saw the statue Pania of the Reef and she is kind of scary close up. It's the teeth and eyes mainly. It was good to see Napier friends and I think I might go roadtripping again in Summer. We got heaps of Feijoas! I like them.

Today we drove back home after staying with Beau's Brother and Sister-in-law in Palmerston North. We went and played briefly at the Adventure Playground in Levin. I was really keen to go there, but then when we got there I was all happy in the car so locked Sass and Jonno (my road trip buddies, you guys rock!) out and I sat happily inside the car eating pistachio nuts for about 10mins, then I did go and play. Hurrah!

We also stopped at Lindale Farms and I bought some candy and feijoa wine. I wanted to buy more fruit wines, but I am poorish after holiday. Also, I wanted to buy something from the Prenzel Factory (our next stop), I got Creme de Cassis. Yum.

Anyway, not long til I have to go back to school. Boo. I have to do a whole bunch of marking and Planning before Monday. oh well. I'm going to a Tupperware party on Friday that a friend and ex-workmate is holding. Should be fun, but I don't think I can afford any. Boo. I still have to pay for my last Tupperware party I attended.

I better go check my bank account.


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April 19, 2004

Road Trip Update

Yay, made it to Auckland safe and sound and without being stopped by the police once. Although we saw quite a few police cars.

Armageddon was fun and the winner was fabulous in a costume she had spent two years making. It's one of Satine's costumes from the Moulin Rouge. Apparently some people got upset cause it was a movie and not a comic or anime but so what. In the rules it says you can be a movie character and if they had spent 2 years on a heavily beaded costume they would probably also deserve to win. I could see that maybe some of the people that just watched the cosplay might have thought that she had bought it but she did much work on it. There were lots of cute costumes and I especially liked this girl who had a costume from "Digi Charat"? I think that's what it was called. People recognised Jenni and me thanks to the Daddy Cat and many people wanted their own Daddy Cat. Especially the girl who came as Chiyo-chan.

Something that really made me like Auckland Armageddon was winning a prize at this weird Karaoke Game stand. It's a PS2 game. Either Jenni or I would have won it as we were up against each other. But I fluked out and got a PS2 Bag, cap, a T-shirt (now Jenni's) and a crazy PS2 dance game called Space Channel 5 Part 2. It's pretty fun tho I don't suppose I will have much time for it come term time.

Anyway, I want the Karaoke game. It was pretty cool.

The people I've been staying with (old Uni friends) have been awesome and it's been great spending time with them. Also got to call a friend of ours in Chch and it was good to see how she's doing to. I'll probably head down there next holidays as there is a conference I want to go to as well as seeing Bean.

I did a stupid thing when I arrived in AUckland, namely putting the steering wheel lock on my car and then realising that the key for it was on a different set of keys.... in WELLINGTON! so my Dad has sent a copy of the Key up to me in AUckland and it should arrive today, otherwise the AA are going to break the lock. Which is ok, but I would rather they didn't, so I'm resting my hopes on the NZ postal service... o dear. Anyway whatever happens we should be leaving Auckland around 1pm and then getting to Napier in time for dinner. That is my hopeful plan anyways.

National Aquarium Here I come!

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April 16, 2004

Feels Early

Even though while I'm working I would already have been at school for an hour by this time. Bizarre.

Jenni has done good work on costumes. I'm about to leave for Auckland and am feeling pretty positive. She made this great Daddy Cat. Soo good. Sok and Sis both love it and want it.

Blondie left for Dud yest and I leave for Auk today. Tomorrow Sok leaves for Aus and then Japan!!! Sis is going to be HOME ALONE! Visit her if you know her and like her. I'll be back wednesdayish.

Saw my Mum yesterday and she was convinced that I had lost weight. My family is sort of size obsessed. Even my dad has been known to remark on it. I remember about 5 years ago him saying that my pants were too small. And I was like huh? He said my bottom was smiling.

Seems strange, but I'm glad I have a happy bum.

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April 14, 2004

Easter is Over

But the chocolate remains. Well some of it anyways. In my flat Sis and I were both sadly disappointed by the Perky Nana Marshmallow Eggs. Which barely taste of Perky Nana at ALL!!
I spent most of easter at home, which was GREAT! I also went to church on Sunday and listened to a lovely choral mass. It's been a few years since I went to church (apart from with school when I went on "Holy Thursday", we've also had a couple of masses/ liturgies in school, oh yeah and the weekend after last Christmas when I went to a Sunday service in a Cathedral in Bangkok... weird I've been heaps more than I thought!) and it was nice.

I've started working on my costume for Armageddon, but am feeling pretty average about the whole thing. Our costumes aren't going to be that flash and I think I'm going to feel weird wearing them. Lame. Ah well. Also plans for friends going with us to Armageddon don't seem to be working out so that also makes me feel stink about it. Nevermind.

Here's a link to an article on Armageddon.

I took Beau on a date yesterday and we went to eat dinner at the Grill (at the Duxton) and then we went and watched Lost in Translation at Rialto. I like it there, other people complain that it is small or whatever, but I think it is neat at Rialto. I think I'll go again tonight to watch "Spellbound". It's meant to be quite good. Lost in Translation was good. I liked it, but I don't think I'll make a big effort to go and see it again. Unless I learn Japanese. In which case it would be interesting to go and see again. Anyway He was late for the date which was kind of annoying as I had reserved a table for us and so instead of walking I had to drive so that we'd get there on time. By the time dinner was finished I was pretty happy. When we got to Rialto it was neat to see a friend of ours there and I'm hoping to see him again tonight.

I should go work on costume now.


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April 07, 2004

Comp deprived

Our school network has been infected with some crazy virus so we have been taken offline. Also, holidays are about to start and the flat have still not managed to organise internet. Thus it may be a while before I blog properly again.

boo, I know.

Anyway, things I am looking forward to in the holidays include making a costume (sometime?? An Azumanga Deioh one maybe?) and wearing it at Armageddon in Auckland. Also visiting ppl in Auckland and then in Hawkes Bay. I'm quite keen on visiting vineyards in the region (there's a tour you can do on bicycles and if you get too drunk you call up the organisers and they pick you up in a van) and also visiting the National Aquarium. Plus seeing some of my bestest friends in the world while I do this.

Anyway, please leave nice comments for me. It makes me feel good!

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April 05, 2004


I'm not sure, it might just be the time of the school year (last week of term) but since this weekend I have been a bit on edge. I went to bed early last night and my planning is ok, but I snapped at a friend today when he just asked to borrow my staples!

Beau first noticed I was feeling funny after we went to watch Love Actually at the Lighthouse in Petone (awesome movie and venue. I cried). Afterwards I was a bit snappy at him. Then on Sunday I kept forgetting things, first I was going to go on the treadmill, I got out the drive and down the road before I realised I was wearing slip-ons and I really needed some sneakers. Then I left my watch at Beau's after using the treadmill and had to go back to Island Bay for it. In the meantime I had forgotten that my laundry was still out at the front of our house.. it rained. Soc came home a while later and took it in, for which I shall be grateful until I forget about it.

Also I did baking. So abnormal an occurance that it must be a sign. It was a nice cake tho and should partly have made up for me.

Anyway, thank you to the people who noticed and try to make me feel better. I don't know what's up with me just feeling tired or something I guess. Also thanks to the people who haven't noticed but have had to deal with strange distracted and grumpy Giffy.

Big thanks to Beau, who doesn't read my blog anyway, for running out each time I left his house in the weekend to give me a kiss and a cuddle, even though he was busy with stuff inside.

Also, thanks to his Mum who gave me presents when I was over. They are late birthday presents, but I know that she had already given Beau some money so that he could get dinner out with me (he's a poor student I'm afraid). How can presents not make people happy?

I might go over to his house later so that I can get some hugs. I don't know why I feel like I need them. I could wait for Sis to get home too, she's normally good for stuff like that.

I hope everyone reading this is having a good time. Public holidays are coming up remember! We can all relax.

ALso, I've put my name up for flu vaccinations through school this year. I'm not sure how I feel about them. I have this funny aversion to medicine (I do take it if the doctor tells me to) including any kind of painkillers, but I want to avoid getting sick this year and it might make a difference. Last year I took the plunge and started taking Hayfever medication. Totally helped! Anyway I'd be interested to hear views on vaccinations so feel free!

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April 02, 2004


Grr! I just taught the two periods after lunch on a Friday and one of those lessons I have fourth formers! I HATE THEM! Well I probably don't, but I do find them incredibly offensive after lunch on a Friday. Fourth formers are strange and I remember that all through highschool I never liked fourth formers. Including when I was one.

On the plus side, school is now over for the week and I need never teach a friday fourth form class again... this term. boo.

Roll on Easter.

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April 01, 2004

Currently Joyful

Woah, last night I was agitated. Worried about my third and fourth form lessons that were coming and whether I would get through all the stuff in time for the test. Not to mention that I was getting assessed on the third form class. I did a bunch of planning and made up some OHTs on the computer and went to bed pretty satisfied that I had it as sorted as it was going to get.

The fourth form got through the work I had for them, copying and answering just like I wanted. I mean it wasn't fabulous but about as good as can ever be expected from them.

Then came the third form who are about to do a practical assessment. My HOD was sitting in the back ready and waiting for me to get to it. It was a boring lesson, full of notes and information that they just had to get down. Not to mention that there was heaps of it! So much to get through! AND they DID! They were like quiet little angels. I got my assessment and she had given me several "strongs". She said that those boring necessary lessons were hard but they really showed how the rest of the terms work on classroom management and patterns had paid off. It showed that the students knew what to expect from me and what I expected from them! She said she almost never gives "strongs" and I got a few. Last time I only got one, but that was still good.

I am buzzing. The happiness and Joy. Please share in it. You deserve a strong rating too!

Also, Happy Birthday to Blondie. We'll probably have a few drinks at the flat and then head into town for a few more. Also there is talk of "Mona Lisa Smile" this weekend. How can anyone resist Julia Roberts AND Julia Stiles AND Kirsten Dunst AND Maggie Gyllenhaal! also Tori Amos( I must mention it for Jenni). It is like UberChickFlick!

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