April 01, 2004

Currently Joyful

Woah, last night I was agitated. Worried about my third and fourth form lessons that were coming and whether I would get through all the stuff in time for the test. Not to mention that I was getting assessed on the third form class. I did a bunch of planning and made up some OHTs on the computer and went to bed pretty satisfied that I had it as sorted as it was going to get.

The fourth form got through the work I had for them, copying and answering just like I wanted. I mean it wasn't fabulous but about as good as can ever be expected from them.

Then came the third form who are about to do a practical assessment. My HOD was sitting in the back ready and waiting for me to get to it. It was a boring lesson, full of notes and information that they just had to get down. Not to mention that there was heaps of it! So much to get through! AND they DID! They were like quiet little angels. I got my assessment and she had given me several "strongs". She said that those boring necessary lessons were hard but they really showed how the rest of the terms work on classroom management and patterns had paid off. It showed that the students knew what to expect from me and what I expected from them! She said she almost never gives "strongs" and I got a few. Last time I only got one, but that was still good.

I am buzzing. The happiness and Joy. Please share in it. You deserve a strong rating too!

Also, Happy Birthday to Blondie. We'll probably have a few drinks at the flat and then head into town for a few more. Also there is talk of "Mona Lisa Smile" this weekend. How can anyone resist Julia Roberts AND Julia Stiles AND Kirsten Dunst AND Maggie Gyllenhaal! also Tori Amos( I must mention it for Jenni). It is like UberChickFlick!

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