April 21, 2004


Yay to all the people who commented. You guys are cool! Auckland was fun, other people had awesome costumes. I had fun winning a prize. All the people I stayed with were nice. Parker Lewis was scary.

I made it safe and sound all the way home again. I had a good holiday and I like the National Aquarium heaps. We saw the statue Pania of the Reef and she is kind of scary close up. It's the teeth and eyes mainly. It was good to see Napier friends and I think I might go roadtripping again in Summer. We got heaps of Feijoas! I like them.

Today we drove back home after staying with Beau's Brother and Sister-in-law in Palmerston North. We went and played briefly at the Adventure Playground in Levin. I was really keen to go there, but then when we got there I was all happy in the car so locked Sass and Jonno (my road trip buddies, you guys rock!) out and I sat happily inside the car eating pistachio nuts for about 10mins, then I did go and play. Hurrah!

We also stopped at Lindale Farms and I bought some candy and feijoa wine. I wanted to buy more fruit wines, but I am poorish after holiday. Also, I wanted to buy something from the Prenzel Factory (our next stop), I got Creme de Cassis. Yum.

Anyway, not long til I have to go back to school. Boo. I have to do a whole bunch of marking and Planning before Monday. oh well. I'm going to a Tupperware party on Friday that a friend and ex-workmate is holding. Should be fun, but I don't think I can afford any. Boo. I still have to pay for my last Tupperware party I attended.

I better go check my bank account.


Posted by giffy at April 21, 2004 10:04 PM