April 19, 2004

Road Trip Update

Yay, made it to Auckland safe and sound and without being stopped by the police once. Although we saw quite a few police cars.

Armageddon was fun and the winner was fabulous in a costume she had spent two years making. It's one of Satine's costumes from the Moulin Rouge. Apparently some people got upset cause it was a movie and not a comic or anime but so what. In the rules it says you can be a movie character and if they had spent 2 years on a heavily beaded costume they would probably also deserve to win. I could see that maybe some of the people that just watched the cosplay might have thought that she had bought it but she did much work on it. There were lots of cute costumes and I especially liked this girl who had a costume from "Digi Charat"? I think that's what it was called. People recognised Jenni and me thanks to the Daddy Cat and many people wanted their own Daddy Cat. Especially the girl who came as Chiyo-chan.

Something that really made me like Auckland Armageddon was winning a prize at this weird Karaoke Game stand. It's a PS2 game. Either Jenni or I would have won it as we were up against each other. But I fluked out and got a PS2 Bag, cap, a T-shirt (now Jenni's) and a crazy PS2 dance game called Space Channel 5 Part 2. It's pretty fun tho I don't suppose I will have much time for it come term time.

Anyway, I want the Karaoke game. It was pretty cool.

The people I've been staying with (old Uni friends) have been awesome and it's been great spending time with them. Also got to call a friend of ours in Chch and it was good to see how she's doing to. I'll probably head down there next holidays as there is a conference I want to go to as well as seeing Bean.

I did a stupid thing when I arrived in AUckland, namely putting the steering wheel lock on my car and then realising that the key for it was on a different set of keys.... in WELLINGTON! so my Dad has sent a copy of the Key up to me in AUckland and it should arrive today, otherwise the AA are going to break the lock. Which is ok, but I would rather they didn't, so I'm resting my hopes on the NZ postal service... o dear. Anyway whatever happens we should be leaving Auckland around 1pm and then getting to Napier in time for dinner. That is my hopeful plan anyways.

National Aquarium Here I come!

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