April 16, 2004

Feels Early

Even though while I'm working I would already have been at school for an hour by this time. Bizarre.

Jenni has done good work on costumes. I'm about to leave for Auckland and am feeling pretty positive. She made this great Daddy Cat. Soo good. Sok and Sis both love it and want it.

Blondie left for Dud yest and I leave for Auk today. Tomorrow Sok leaves for Aus and then Japan!!! Sis is going to be HOME ALONE! Visit her if you know her and like her. I'll be back wednesdayish.

Saw my Mum yesterday and she was convinced that I had lost weight. My family is sort of size obsessed. Even my dad has been known to remark on it. I remember about 5 years ago him saying that my pants were too small. And I was like huh? He said my bottom was smiling.

Seems strange, but I'm glad I have a happy bum.

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