April 14, 2004

Easter is Over

But the chocolate remains. Well some of it anyways. In my flat Sis and I were both sadly disappointed by the Perky Nana Marshmallow Eggs. Which barely taste of Perky Nana at ALL!!
I spent most of easter at home, which was GREAT! I also went to church on Sunday and listened to a lovely choral mass. It's been a few years since I went to church (apart from with school when I went on "Holy Thursday", we've also had a couple of masses/ liturgies in school, oh yeah and the weekend after last Christmas when I went to a Sunday service in a Cathedral in Bangkok... weird I've been heaps more than I thought!) and it was nice.

I've started working on my costume for Armageddon, but am feeling pretty average about the whole thing. Our costumes aren't going to be that flash and I think I'm going to feel weird wearing them. Lame. Ah well. Also plans for friends going with us to Armageddon don't seem to be working out so that also makes me feel stink about it. Nevermind.

Here's a link to an article on Armageddon.

I took Beau on a date yesterday and we went to eat dinner at the Grill (at the Duxton) and then we went and watched Lost in Translation at Rialto. I like it there, other people complain that it is small or whatever, but I think it is neat at Rialto. I think I'll go again tonight to watch "Spellbound". It's meant to be quite good. Lost in Translation was good. I liked it, but I don't think I'll make a big effort to go and see it again. Unless I learn Japanese. In which case it would be interesting to go and see again. Anyway He was late for the date which was kind of annoying as I had reserved a table for us and so instead of walking I had to drive so that we'd get there on time. By the time dinner was finished I was pretty happy. When we got to Rialto it was neat to see a friend of ours there and I'm hoping to see him again tonight.

I should go work on costume now.


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