April 07, 2004

Comp deprived

Our school network has been infected with some crazy virus so we have been taken offline. Also, holidays are about to start and the flat have still not managed to organise internet. Thus it may be a while before I blog properly again.

boo, I know.

Anyway, things I am looking forward to in the holidays include making a costume (sometime?? An Azumanga Deioh one maybe?) and wearing it at Armageddon in Auckland. Also visiting ppl in Auckland and then in Hawkes Bay. I'm quite keen on visiting vineyards in the region (there's a tour you can do on bicycles and if you get too drunk you call up the organisers and they pick you up in a van) and also visiting the National Aquarium. Plus seeing some of my bestest friends in the world while I do this.

Anyway, please leave nice comments for me. It makes me feel good!

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