April 05, 2004


I'm not sure, it might just be the time of the school year (last week of term) but since this weekend I have been a bit on edge. I went to bed early last night and my planning is ok, but I snapped at a friend today when he just asked to borrow my staples!

Beau first noticed I was feeling funny after we went to watch Love Actually at the Lighthouse in Petone (awesome movie and venue. I cried). Afterwards I was a bit snappy at him. Then on Sunday I kept forgetting things, first I was going to go on the treadmill, I got out the drive and down the road before I realised I was wearing slip-ons and I really needed some sneakers. Then I left my watch at Beau's after using the treadmill and had to go back to Island Bay for it. In the meantime I had forgotten that my laundry was still out at the front of our house.. it rained. Soc came home a while later and took it in, for which I shall be grateful until I forget about it.

Also I did baking. So abnormal an occurance that it must be a sign. It was a nice cake tho and should partly have made up for me.

Anyway, thank you to the people who noticed and try to make me feel better. I don't know what's up with me just feeling tired or something I guess. Also thanks to the people who haven't noticed but have had to deal with strange distracted and grumpy Giffy.

Big thanks to Beau, who doesn't read my blog anyway, for running out each time I left his house in the weekend to give me a kiss and a cuddle, even though he was busy with stuff inside.

Also, thanks to his Mum who gave me presents when I was over. They are late birthday presents, but I know that she had already given Beau some money so that he could get dinner out with me (he's a poor student I'm afraid). How can presents not make people happy?

I might go over to his house later so that I can get some hugs. I don't know why I feel like I need them. I could wait for Sis to get home too, she's normally good for stuff like that.

I hope everyone reading this is having a good time. Public holidays are coming up remember! We can all relax.

ALso, I've put my name up for flu vaccinations through school this year. I'm not sure how I feel about them. I have this funny aversion to medicine (I do take it if the doctor tells me to) including any kind of painkillers, but I want to avoid getting sick this year and it might make a difference. Last year I took the plunge and started taking Hayfever medication. Totally helped! Anyway I'd be interested to hear views on vaccinations so feel free!

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